Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdjctilly 10 / 10

Bravo to All Who Contributed to this Documentary!

It's about time the truth of what goes on in Scientology behind closed doors is revealed in a mass media format. This documentary has opened up the flood gates, so all of the world can hear first- hand from ex-members what this cult is REALLY all about. Believe everything you hear and see. The abuse is completely accurate. Sea Org members (staff) are slaves and at the whim of their sadistic masters...anything goes. I know this first-hand; I was one of their slaves. This documentary is a must see!

This movie lays out and proves through engaging interviews with disaffected members that Scientology is like any powerful organized "religion." It's run by a few "untouchables" who hold the reins to all the power. Those few who are not held accountable for their actions, believe the human code of ethics does not apply to them. Their reasoning is the end justifies the means. To keep control, dehumanizing tactics are necessary to control the rank and file. The film plays an important role in documenting the eyewitness testimony of the many inhumane abuses that occur in this organization. Cloaked in secrecy and hidden from the light of scrutiny, the executives of this cult do as they please. The physical, mental, and emotional abuse is like a POW camp. I just finished reading the book "Unbroken" and the stories I heard in this documentary remind me of what happened to Louis Zamperini when he was under the control of "The Bird." My hope is that this film opens up a dialogue for a call to action to help those who have been at the mercy of the "few."

Reviewed by Chip Gallo (cgallo) 10 / 10

Effective, Gripping Interviews

I was involved with Scientology from 1978-1990 and encountered some of the human rights abuses that Alex Gibney exposed in his documentary. The Sea Org people, who sign Billion Year contracts, bore the brunt of the mistreatment and are well represented in this film. Most former members will know of details that were not included in the show, but the topics that became the focus received a more complete treatment as a result.

The humanity of these survivors shown through in each interview and should evoke empathy in anyone willing to accept the truth in the story. I never felt that someone was embellishing or seeking attention; in fact, quite the opposite.

A huge thank you to HBO for having the guts to air this and not back down.

Reviewed by mkittappa-239-319441 7 / 10

A peek behind the scenes of a dangerous cult

We've all passed the well intentioned folks in the street asking if we want to take a free stress test, or a personality test. That can't be a bad thing right? In this crazy world we all want to be able manage our stress levels, or work on our character flaws in order to succeed in life. In case you didn't know the test is the first doorway into the cult religion of Scientology.

Going clear gives us an insight into the founding, and the dark practices that go on behind the scenes of Scientology. Where L Ron Hubbard, was a selfish failure of a man possibly with delusions of grandeur who founded an obscure and weird religion, Going Clear reveals that the man who succeeded him after his death is a power mad tyrant by the name of David Miscavige.

Using Lawrence Wright's book as a basis for the research, Alex Gibney has crafted a very engaging documentary, utilizing talking head interviews with people who have been through the wringer of Scientology cut together with archive footage from multiple sources exposing the very core of Scientology. Many of the interviewees were people that had reached the highest ranks within the organization, some of them talking very candidly about the abusive practices that they were involved with on both ends; the giving and receiving. With all this going on we also see how of millions of dollars gets funneled to the privileged few at the top and how the church of Scientology can skirt the tax laws to keep all of its ill gotten gains for itself.

Of course no documentary about Scientology would be complete without commenting on it's two celebrity superstars, John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Whereas you may pity Travolta who seems to be somewhat trapped, Cruise has become quite the poster boy for the religion. Going Clear raises some important questions as to whether or not Tom Cruise is aware of the inner workings of Scientology and how much he knows about the abuses towards the rank and file of the organization.

What is most frightening though is the lengths Scientology will go to to protect its image. Hubbard wrote that the church should go on the offensive against it's critics and not be defensive, and you will see in Going Clear some of the low bottom feeding tactics Scientology uses to keep the followers in line and how it seeks to control defectors from the religion.

Gibney reserves his most scathing criticism for Miscavige, the man currently at the top of the religion, and no punches are pulled showing him to be controlling, abusive and manipulative. I won't spoil the scene for anyone who hasn't seen the documentary, but the psychological musical chairs game he plays with his some of his leadership gives us a brief look into his twisted mind.

The only thing I wish that this documentary showed was some rebuttal and defense from Scientology members, however the credits tell us that many of the top people within Scientology, Miscavige and Cruise included were invited to be interviewed, but all declined. to be on record. This is unfortunate because it would have been interesting to see what high ranking members would say in their defense of all the allegations that Going Clear makes against them.

Going clear is an important documentary in that it shows us the dangers of being sucked into a cult. Lessons from this could be applied to any personality cult religion. If you know people that are in Scientology. Maybe they have 'Disconnected' from you then this film will at least show you why your friend or family member is acting this way. Anything that helps us to understand and warn us against an unhealthy life choice is a good thing and Going Clear does just that.

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