Good Kids



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Zoey Deutch as Nora
Ashley Judd as Gabby
Julia Garner as Tinsley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ananya 7 / 10

A bunch of 'Good Kids' decide to make up for lost time by trying to have fun during their summer break.

This movie was fun to watch! I mostly watched it because of Zoey Deutch. All her movies are usually amazing and I was glad to see that this one is too. It's different from the usual teen movies and I think that's is really good. Despite the terrible Indian accent, I had a great time watching Good Kids.

I'm confused by the bunch of negative reviews here since I found the movie thoroughly enjoyable. It's definitely worth the watch!

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

The summer of YES!

It was just like the British film 'Kids in Love' I'd seen prior to this. Explored only on a comedic side. Four friends who have been the ideal kids, after a few years later on one summer, before heading to the college, they have decided to accomplish everything they had missed in their life so far. So it's a time to blend in with what their kind do, but not as easy as it seems. Sometimes everything goes out of their proportion and some of them struggle at beginning itself. Overall, how their summer ends, in that, what they had gained and lost was told.

Written and directed by a newcomer. Really very good try. Good comedies and well performed actors. The four lead characters were unique. The story around them was nicely built. But not they all were equally balanced. Most of the focus was on Nicolas Braun and then Zoey. I kind of felt the scenes were intentionally done, but worth an attempt. Slightly predictable film, which was like any Hollywood teenage flick. At a time a few things stretch beyond our anticipation. Might not be the best teen flick, though worth a watch.


Reviewed by toot toot 2 / 10

Waste of time

Teen movies have always been a "guilty pleasure" that with time I've learned to ditch the guilty, and genuinely enjoy them full on. So, when I found this film, it seemed like a good watch. Original? Not really, but it didn't matter. Obviously, my expectations weren't set up high, but Jesus Christ, this movie failed to even reach a certain point of quality.

Alright, so, the goals they had set up for their "summer of yes" were fulfilled in the first half hour! Yes, conflicts ensued, but they were terribly timed. Film makers are allowed to do as they please, seeing that film making is a form of art, but in order for that "art" to be good, you do have to follow some rules of your craft. I just didn't see any of them being executed in this movie. The cinematography and screenplay were alright, but compared to other young adult films of the same year, it falls short.

To me, the only redeemable thing were the characters. Nora, Lion, Spice, and Conch (yes, Conch) were fun to watch and seemed like cool people. Andy, on the other hand got a lot more screen time than he should have. He was not a nice person, and he was pretty selfish as well. Bad characteristics don't always make a bad character, but in this case, that doesn't apply. Moreover, the relationships that formed in the end were so artificial, and I want to say predictable, but I honestly didn't think they would dive straight into cliché dreamland, so I was a bit taken aback.

And what kind of teen movie doesn't have a cool soundtrack?


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