Grand Piano


Action / Music / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 14639


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Tamsin Egerton as Ashley
John Cusack as Clem
Elijah Wood as Tom Selznick
Allen Leech as Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieLord23 6 / 10

Grand Piano is flawed, but entertaining thriller fluff

Grand Piano can easily be described as Phone Booth in a concert with some speed thrown in for good measure. It goes for the enclosed race against time plot line to deliver its thrills and it succeeds somewhat thanks to a game Elijah Wood and some good direction.

Good: Elijah Wood plays a competent hero here. He's understandably on edge, but he's resourceful enough to not make him totally incompetent. Wood does good in raising the stakes. the direction is the highlight with the movie moving at a tight pace with plenty of cool camera angles and use of colors.

Bad: It does fall apart later on when the perpetrator is revealed and the motive is brought to light which seems like a lot of unnecessary work for the end result. The wife character seems like padding much like two friends that are just dumb comic relief.

Overall, it's a competent movie. There's enough thrills to make it entertaining, but it lacks real suspense and a strong ending to match the premise.

Reviewed by markhopski 3 / 10

Thriller, horror, suspenseful, none of the above!

My wife and I just saw this at the Sitges Festival and were unfortunately very disappointed in the movie. Elijah Wood is the focal point of the film and frankly, the script nor his ability were able to carry the movie to an even reasonable level of interest for us (let alone tension, suspense or anything near the edge of the seat). A critic stated this is Speed but with a piano. I say it is Speed at the relative pace of a piano. This really comes down to the story at hand and can a single scene movie keep someone interested to the point of being called a thriller? I really do not believe so and especially feel that way after seeing the film. The movie was just flat out boring. Very disappointing start to the SFF.

Reviewed by winickj-797-80915 1 / 10

One of those movies that should have never been made.

I love movies about music. Dreyfuss in The Competition, now that's a good movie. I saw a Late Quartet, and they did the best they could with non musicians. In this debacle I was ready to hit the stop button within minutes. When you shoot a movie about cops, you hire a cop as a consultant. That guy tells you that the holster goes around your waist, and not around your head. Medical shows hire doctors and nurses, military shows hire ex-military. This debacle must have hired a doctor, nurse, cop or ex-military to consult on the musical accuracy as they could have not gotten it more wrong.

First off, it's a frickin pianist, not a piano player, trained classical musicians don't refer to themselves as piano players. Second, you need only goto youtube to figure out where the piano goes when performing with an orchestra. Its not on a stage behind, its right next to the conductor. If you were making a movie about baseball would you put the catcher in the outfield??? c'mon frigging do some homework before you make a film about music.

As far as the rest of it, after he got up during the performance and left the stage the movie lost the sliver of credibility it had left.

If you want to suspend disbelief, combine this with Gravity and have the jerk off pianist playing in outer space while George Clooney conducts.

Just because the average person doesn't know what is correct doesn't give the film maker license to spit in the face of the musical world.

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