Grand Prix


Action / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Eva Marie Saint as Louise Frederickson
James Garner as Pete Aron
Paul Frees as Izo Yamura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pehibbs 10 / 10

A Technically Superb Film

Although it is almost 40 years old, it is still the standard by which racing movies are judged. The good news is the plot doesn't interfere with the racing scenes. It's also great to see drivers like Graham Hill, Phil Hill (glad he didn't quit his day job), Chris Amon, Jimmy Clark, and others on screen. The cars are incredible, even with their lack of aerodynamics and their skinny tires. The opening scene with the engines starting and watching the throttles work is just too cool. These were the 3-litre engines and it was back when drivers actually had to clutch and shift! It's also great to see the tracks as they were back then, especially Spa. Unfortunately they were incredibly dangerous and have been updated for safety reasons, but they were good to see in their old form.

Reviewed by bholly72 10 / 10


The plot is ho-hum, the acting is superb, with Jessica Walter and James Garner especially terrific, but the movie is about formula 1 racing, and there has never been anything like it. The racing scenes merge image and movement and music and become transcendent. Even on the small tv screen, this movie is remarkable. But if you ever find it playing in a theatre, you'll be amazed.

Reviewed by cimcf 8 / 10

A thrill to watch 35 years later....

Without a doubt, the greatest motor racing movie of all time! Steve McQueen's Le Mans doesn't come close. The storyline is OK but where this movie excels is in the groundbreaking cinematography. The shots of the old tracks particularly Spa and Monza are truly superb. Ever wanted to know what it's like to blast along the Masta straight down to Stavelot at Spa, you'll see it here. Want to know what driving on the steep Monza banking was like at 160+ mph, you'll see it here with in car footage. On top of that you've got circuits like Zandvoort in Holland which is not used for today's F1. These were the days when drivers partied the night before and after the race, when the sport was glamorous and exciting. The soundtrack is also brilliant. When oh when will we get the DVD version?

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