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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Sarah Silverman as Bethany
Molly Ephraim as Cricket
Gabourey Sidibe as Winketta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wheezeew 1 / 10

Tries so hard to be funny, fails

This movie tries so hard to be funny and alternative and smart, but every joke falls flat. The screen writing is going for funny outrageous sarcastic, but nothing in it is funny enough to rise above trying too hard. For example, one character calls another a "Barry Gibb looking dude." That's supposed to be funny, but the guy hardly looks like Barry Gibb, so the joke doesn't work. If she had called him, "you fatter, unfunny Paul Rudd-looking dude, that might have been a little funny.

The gory parts look too cheap to be scary, and the unreal and lame dialogue makes it impossible to care about what anyone says.

It tries to be Eating Raoul, but it turns out to be Sharknado - pretty much impossible to sit through. Some good actors, but such weak material that nobody could make a good movie out of it.

Reviewed by jackmeat 6 / 10

Over the top humor that the "Psych" guy brings

My quick rating 5,8/10. First off, let me start by saying I really like the TV show "Psych". OK, that being said, James Rhoday wrote and directed this which is already a plus in my book. For a first film, this offbeat comedy (much more comedy then horror by far) was actually pretty entertaining. Basically 3 people kidnap 6 people at a bar for the soul intention of eating them. And how casual and nonchalant this is makes the whole atmosphere that much funnier. The jokes are often inside jokes,and over the top but still funny. The gore does not disappoint in the slightest. Each death in this movie is original to say the least leading up to a pretty interesting climax. Look forward to more from him and maybe even a sequel?

Reviewed by Got Cha 1 / 10


Wow,... must have been the people who invested in this movie that gave it a good review. Loved Psych hence the interest in this movie. Love a good horror flick and my funny bone is healthy but this flick...? Horrible.

It just isn't funny and the gore scenes are stupid. The whole thing is stupid. The plot is weird without you believing in what the characters are doing which adds to the strangeness. You don't buy into the characters....they are badly contrived to the point they don't believe in themselves. Its just plain bad character planning which results in...actors forced into a part that can only result in bad acting. All is just weird and phony.

Don't waste your time. I thought the caliber of Psych would spill over into this movie but far from the mark. If this was the point of the movie to be really disappointing....why?

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