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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CalvinValjean 7 / 10

The Moral Corruption of Sandy

Grease definitely has a fun energy to it, and all of the cast has great chemistry. That's the main reason that this film, despite being nearly 30 years old and set 20 years earlier than that, still manages to appeal to young people of today who laugh and have fun with it, and of course, sing those timeless songs. So hats off to Grease for that.

Now that being said: the movie is incredibly stupid! It's basically a 90 minute episode of Happy Days or Saved By the Bell in which we follow various plot lines in a high school, strung together by the fun songs. We're treated to such stupid dialog as: "This year, I don't take no crap from nobody." "Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am." "Hey, it's Eugene!"

In one plot line, Frenchy (who's a memorable character but dumber than a bag of nails) becomes a beauty school drop out. However, aside from being an excuse for Frankie Avalon to sing that song, the plot line goes nowhere and she still magically graduates high school along side everyone else. Who knew it was so easy to drop out and get back in?

But then there's the main plot line: two youths named Danny and Sandy fall in love one summer, which is just fine in the real world, but once back in high school, they realize they're in different social cliques; he's a greaser and she's a goody-goody. Throughout the school year their relationship takes several turns, before arriving at an absurd ending in which all problems are magically solved by Sandy getting a makeover and becoming "cool." The message here is so superficial that it's actually funny: "Give in to peer pressure and be whatever kind of person you need to be to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy." Considering Sandy has been celibate through all of the movie till now, I think it's implied Danny will get a nice surprise that night; a message to give to young girls, ha ha.

So, to wrap up this little review, Grease certainly has its moments, and IS a well-made movie musical, or else it wouldn't have the audience it does. It's a feel-good movie; it just has zero substance.

Reviewed by lysraypec09 10 / 10

This movie is the best..... a true classic

Since I am still just a teen, I know that many others might say I am not one to criticize a movie, and in most cases I might disagree, but with this movie... what is there to criticize? The atmosphere of the movie, the charisma of the actors, the addiction to the awesome songs in it, even the what could have been outdated costumes instantly became a Halloween fave... I myself dressed up as "new" Sandy when I was little... and I still wish I could have been in the movie. I admit, the sequel to it seemed horrible to me after watching the original, and I wished they had kept all of the original actors, and well, not tried to even make the sequel, but, well a movie like that can only be made once I suppose. Anyways, I just want to give my props and admiration to all of the directors, actors, and others who helped with this movie, (being an ITS member myself and LOVING acting) I think that anyone who has not seen this movie needs to go right to the store and find it.... otherwise they really missed out. :)Thanks for reading this, hope you agree!

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 5 / 10

One of the best (and most enjoyable) musicals!

GREASE (1978) **** John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Jeff Conaway, Stockard Channing, Dinah Manoff, Eve Arden, Sid Caesar, Edd `Kookie' Byrnes, ShaNaNa, Frankie Avalon, Joan Blondell, Ellen Travolta, Eddie Deezen, Lorenzo Lamas. One of the best Broadway musicals ever adapted for the big screen largely thanks to producer Allan Carr and director Randal Kleiser set at Rydell High circa 1950s with Travolta (in his other iconic role) as leather jacket wearing, hunky hood with a heart-of-gold Danny Zuko recalling his `Summer Nights' with Aussie sexpot Newton-John (in her sunny to sultry iconic turn) as goody-goody Sandy who learns some things from The Pink Ladies' tough yet tender leader Rizzo (Channing, ditto). Good old fashioned knuckle-headed comedy and toe-tapping tunes that will have you dancing and singing along to `Greased Lightning' (imagine Elvis doing this!) , the dance contest's hyper-paced `Hand Jive' sequence and the closer `We Go Together'. Title tune by Franki Valli. A film I've seen probably a hundred times and never tire of.

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