Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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Miley Cyrus as Mainframe
Sylvester Stallone as Stakar Ogord
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeff Jarvis 4 / 10

Very disappointing

I have to start by saying the first film was my favourite film of the last few years and I'm a huge fan.

But let's be honest, this was a huuuge let down of a sequel after an amazing first film. The first had a good story, fleshed out characters, believable villains, genuine affection, drama, tension and a soundtrack that was original and used brilliantly.

This film had a weak, bloated story. Almost every scene filled with forced, cheap gags. Unbelievable and disappointing bad guys who tried to wise crack their through and lost any menace. Acting was poor apart from Yondu and Nebula who was woefully underused.

This was was like a comedy parody of the first film. A goofy, TV sequel that had none of the magic of the original blockbuster.

At one point Drax wisecracks that he does big turds. I'd venture none as big as this one.


Reviewed by sthingsone 1 / 10

Disappointing.... this movie cares more about jokes than a good plot

***Potential Spoilers***

+Visuals were okay but not that great at some point it kinda looked animated

+Acting was perfect

-but the plot was Horrible

-Some of the comedy sequences felt Forced

-Villian was underwhelming

-Overacting -Pacing issues

Marvel overused their formula in this one & it just felt Choppy & bloated there are jokes but by jokes i mean there are too many if you are fan of Forced ripoff jokes then this movie is for you there wasn't even much action You have a guy name Drax the Destroyer but you given him only one Action sequence Come'on **Spoilers* Nebula tries to kills herself to kill Gamora, and later on both of them forgive each other ? It just felt messy

The only thing i learned from GOTG 2 is that never go with high expectation while seeing a movie

Reviewed by tdevil9 1 / 10

A flashy production with no substance

At the time of writing, there are only 7 out of 120 user reviewers that did not like the movie. I know I will receive a multitude of unhelpful votes for voicing my honest feedback about this movie. However, I hope that my feedback will be helpful for people who are able to judge a film in an objective manner so that they, at least, will be able to save their hard earned cash.

Firstly, the main antagonist is a Marvel character that has been completely changed for this movie. It bears no background similarity to the character in the comics whatsoever. I understand that the Marvel movies are all about making a spin on the comic book story arcs, but this difference was far too large for me to accept.

Whilst watching the movie, I had to ponder whether I had stepped into a Marvel Superhero version of "Fast and Furious". There was a continuous message that family is important and how the protagonists became who they were due to disenfranchised childhoods. Whilst this is a valid point, I do not feel that it belongs in a superhero action movie as it serves no purpose. Worse was when the message contradicted itself when we see Peter Quill betrayed by his Father. The clumsiness of this contradiction did nothing to alleviate the sickly sweet message that the movie was trying to convey. I get that James Gunn is trying to send out a message to the younger generation but I would think that kids go to watch a superhero movie for the action, and will not really appreciate or acknowledge the message that he is driving.

Unlike the first movie, there was a distinct lack of character focus and their abilities. It could easily have been an action movie without superheroes. In fact, the movie seemed to be focused on two characters when it came to showcasing their abilities. One of these had a sequence that was inspired by the Quicksilver scenes in the X-Men movies. The other was extremely underwhelming and was defeated far too incredibly when you consider the differences in age and experiences. None of the characters were interesting with the exception of Nebula and Mantis. However, Pom Klementieff played her role like a stuttering female cyborg that I even thought the role was played by an East Asian actress before I checked the cast members. The actors paid to play the new characters were miscast in my opinion. Sylvester Stallone's performance reminded me of his Judge Dredd and not in a good way.

It was clear that the popular factors in the first movie were taken and overdone in the second movie. Drax was made to look like a dumb fool once again but even more than in the first movie. While the CGI effects were good, the cuteness factor of Baby Groot served only to market the movie to kids and geek girls, and to rake in merchandise profit. There was also constant mention and focus on the cassette mix which was totally unnecessary (again, for merchandise promotion).

With the exception of Captain America and the first two Avengers and Thor movies, why do the Marvel movies have to be over-saturated with humor? It's one thing to market the movies to a wider audience but it's totally another thing when it's taken too far, and the humor becomes so clichéd.

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