Gus - Petit oiseau, grand voyage


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marino Linić 8 / 10

Great movie!

It was a really great movie! I know many don't find it so great, but it does really do a very good job for a smaller studio. The music was excellent and the character design and animation superb.

Now, the story itself might be rather common among animated movies, you know, traveling to another place and having these accidents and small plot twists, but I never get tired of that. Besides, it was pretty unique. I don't really remember many movies that portrayed so many unique cinema scenes and motives (but, that would be a spoiler if I told you now, eh?)

I think this movie is similar to Rio in some ways. It does show love between two birds, even though that ending should have emphasized that a little more. It also shows how eventually love was getting stronger and how at one point they had a plot twist/fight.

Anyway, people say it's for 7-year-olds or similar, but I'm 15 and loved it!

Reviewed by cipnrkorvo 3 / 10

Characters feel fake

The story isn't bad, and the graphics are acceptable, especially considering it comes from a small studio. What kept me from really enjoying the movie, though, is that the characters felt fake, from beginning to end.

The accent of the ladybug almost feels like something that would create a great character, but never really does. Same goes for every character. They say things which are very obvious, just to make you understand what's going on, which adds to the fake feeling. Like some other reviews said, that makes something acceptable for small children, but really not great for anyone else. It's made up a little by the fact that most of the music is nice.

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