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Reviewed by stephen kehoe (impossiblehim) 2 / 10

G-utter Balls!!

Two rival bowling teams(how bored are these people?) made up of a cast of very unlikable and unattractive actors, who i think, are actually younger but look like they're mid-30's. The 2 two teams are like good vs bad but on the whole most of the characters are hugely unlikeable....although the bad guys are the worst of the the acting and the looks department...after a while they began to grate on me and it became an annoyance and a distraction because i just wanted them off my screen but it takes a while for them to be dispatched...although when they are offed i found it immensely gratifying and i was thankful i'd never have to see these terrible characters ever again. When the opening 'horror' occurs we have just been treated to a close up shot of the rape victims this character is wearing a skirt that is about 5-6 inches in length and has no problem with bending fore-ward and showing the entire bowl-a-rama her front bottom.....this confused me because it didn't help me to sympathise with her character when she is violently raped...yes i found it sickening and brutal but i didn't really sympathise with the girl who readily shows her muff to anyone, regardless to whether they want to see it or it begged the question why the director chose to have her me the scene would have been more shocking if her character had been easier to relate to....most women don't show their muff to all and to me i found it hard to actually care about her character..i just wanted the scene over. Once the scene is over the carnage commences. What carnage their is is well executed and sometimes made me wince and want to cover my eyes....although some of the scenes just didn't do anything for me...the sex=death scene where a cheap slapper(and i mean it..this girl really looks like they dragged her in off a street corner somewhere) and one of the 'good' guys have sex and die during, it's not convincing and looks cheap and fact none of the sex in this movie is believable or just looks like sloppy, nervous encounters between desperate actors...and willies pop up everywhere...but they're very small...and the women are not sexy at all and mostly look like crack whores...except the final 'goth' type girl who seemed to be the best out of a bad lot. Some of the other characters are badly written and badly played...for example the drag queen...they seemed to be making fun out the whole subject and making the least bit of effort into making it believable. The dialogue, combined with the terrible acting is sometimes annoying...the use of the 'f' word became grating and most of the movie is made up of the words f**k, c**t, f*g, b* really does become tedious after a while.....and some parts are downright when the meanest guy find his dead friend's headless body he asked "where the f*ck is you're head?".... This movie is a good enough attempt but was a huge let-down...some memorable gore scenes bring it up a notch...but the cast(especially the means guys) and the script take it down. Oh and the bowling bag thing on the killers head was silly and completely non-threatening and ruined what could have been a scary aspect of the movie.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10

Fun, 80s style exploitation from the director of Torched.

***This review is of the 'balls-out' uncut edition of Gutterballs***

Ryan Nicholson, the man responsible for the excellent, ultra-sick rape/revenge short Torched, returns to that same genre for Gutterballs, this time delivering a full-length feature that draws inspiration from the gory slasher flicks of the 80s. It's not the first film in recent years to look to the rich past of exploitation movies for ideas—Grindhouse, Hatchet, and Doomsday have all sought to emulate 'classics' from the less respected side of cinema—but, although it is not without its drawbacks (more about that later), it is Nicholson's offering that comes the closest to capturing that authentic vintage vibe.

Set in a bowling alley after closing hours, Gutterballs sees a psycho named BBK (short for Bowling Bag Killer) hacking and slashing his way through the members of two rival bowling teams who are taking part in a midnight grudge match. Could the appearance of BBK have anything to do with the vicious gang-rape that took place in the very same bowling alley the previous evening? Well, duh!!!

Nicholson, a director who has proved in the past that he is not afraid to explore the extreme depths of bad taste in order to realise his twisted visions, once again attempts to prove that he considers almost nothing too sick to capture on film. The gang-rape scene is the first evidence that this film is going for broke in the nastiness stakes: it's a truly sickening and relentless attack that is genuinely hard to stomach, but it sure makes you want to see the perpetrators get what they deserve (which, of course, they do).

And if the gang-rape isn't enough to convince you that Nicholson means business, then the first few killings should make matters crystal clear: a couple are killed whilst performing a graphic '69', and a transvestite is choked on a bowling pin and given a messy make-shift sex change (all in sickeningly bloody close-up!). Once those scenes are over, there's no denying that Gutterballs is a truly 'balls-out' horror film.

As I have already mentioned, however, the film is not without its weaknesses. The pacing of the film is rather poor, with the first half lacking gore (most of the juicy stuff is saved for the last half hour), and many scenes are way too talky. The cast seemingly improvise much of their dialogue, causing the action to frequently get bogged down in a deluge of inane chat littered with expletives (surely this film holds some kind of record for the amount of times the F-bomb is dropped). Also, much of the humour is rather juvenile, with a goofy, talking, ball-waxing machine being particularly grating (at least until it removes one character's face!).

Improvements could have also been made to the end of the film, where we finally find out the true identity of BBK: it's a rather over-complicated denouement that quickly becomes confusing.

Still, even with these negative points, Gutterballs is a unique and entertaining piece of indie sleaze destined to become a cult favourite amongst those film fans that like their horror extremely depraved with a warped sense of fun.

Since I gave Torched 8/10, and slightly preferred that film's more nihilistic approach, I will rate Gutterballs a still-very-decent 7.5/10 (which I am happy to round up to 8 for IMDb anyway, 'cos the film has a cool rock soundtrack—April Wine fans, raise your fists!).

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 9 / 10

Tasteless, yet entertaining.

"Gutterballs" opens with tasteless and suitably disturbing gang-rape scene that will surely offend some viewers.It takes place in a bowling alley called the Xcalibur Bowling Centre.Its janitor lets two groups of teenagers for the big bowling match against each other.Soon the members of each group are being gorily dispatched by the frenzied killer BBK,who wears a bowling bag mask..."Gutterballs" is a sleazy blast obviously inspired by Italian giallo flicks and excessively violent slashers from early 80's.The death scenes are seriously sick and gory as hell and the graphic nudity is frequent in the unrated XXX version.The characters are obnoxious,vulgar and outlandish.None of them is likable.Several scenes of bloodshed put the smile of my face including the death of transvestite,who gets his penis sheared off.The double asphyxiation by fellatio and cunnilingus is also worth mentioning as is the stabbing with sharpened pin.To sum up,"Gutterballs" is not for the squeamish,so if you are a fan of tasteless and morbid horror grab the unrated version.

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