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Reviewed by belfer94 4 / 10

Awful movie, but a blast to watch with friends

This bizarre movie was made by a former lifeguard turned short film maker, stars fairly good actors (some of whom were stars on the Tel Aviv theater stages for years to come) hamming it up or just given odd direction, has an alright but VERY repetitive score by one of Israel's greatest composers, and contains such unforgettable scenes as the "STOP PUSHING BUTTONS" speech, a psychedelic dream sequence involving smashing giant tape recorder things with a sledgehammer, a hippie-palooza in an abandoned warehouse, random toplessness, cardboard sharks, loooooooooong wandering across desert islands, and the main cast screaming out "Wonderful Feeling!" over and over. The insane ending has to be seen to be believed. If you can get your hands on this film (or if that DVD ever comes out), get some friends over and get ready to riff the hell out of it: this film is plan 9 quality stuff, and I love every minute of it.

Reviewed by PKazee 4 / 10

If you enjoy laughing AT a tedious film with stoned friends, this might just be for you.

I believe that Markastzm's review gets everything right, except one very thing. Indeed, he is correct that the mimes and the sharks both represent "The Man", and also that the film does not refute hippie ideals, but rather shows the unrelenting glee "The Man" takes in squashing those embracing those ideals. Markastzm is wrong, however, when he states that "Neither the characters, the actors, nor the director take themselves too seriously". There is an interview with two of the actors on the blu-ray disc and they indicate that took all of this very seriously, and that - to some extent - they all naively thought they were making a important statement. And it is precisely this that makes this film such a jaw-droppingly WTF oddity. Tedious to no end, but also fun in the right mindset with the right group of friends.

Reviewed by scottjo63-644-593619 4 / 10

I enjoyed it.

I did like this movie however I wouldn't want to see it again. There are a lot of long scenes of nothing which I remedied by going to you tube and listening to a review while the movie was playing, sort of a commentary kind of thing you see in DVDs. That did work and when they would start talking again, I paused the review.

This movie kept my interest until the end and that was something. Turned into a cave man movie where they all stopped talking and grunted and growled. They didn't like war but they sure had a cat fight battle at the end.

I liked the meanings of the 2 mimes as maybe the government and when they were on the island became the sharks. And the speech about "pushing buttons" reminded me a little of the "I'm as mad hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore" speech.

Maybe a better movie to watch if you are doped up.

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