Hall Pass


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 106747


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtwcnr 1 / 10

Put a pass on hall pass

These types of movies you can expect a certain level of humor and just chalk it up to funny and put in the rotation to watch down the road. I knew this movie would be middle of the road funny going in, but I didn't realize that it would be this bad going out. The whole compilation of the movie was lazy and looked like a rip-off of a Farrelly Brothers movie. They took a good idea and just ran it into the ground. The movie just looked like it was made up as they went along and with the credentials of some of the actors you would think that they would help but they just made it worse to watch. I thought it was way to long and was hoping it would end soon just to find that there were 30 minuets left and they still haven't begin to build up to the conclusion. The only thing that I found funny in this movie though is that you see more wiener than breast.

Reviewed by Chris 1 / 10

Do you hate males? You'll love Hall Pass!

Do you think men are all bumbling incompetents who can barely dress themselves? If so do yourself a favor and check out this gem!

***SPOILERS!!!!*** Did you know that married men BLATANTLY check out other women CONSTANTLY!!!??? ME NEITHER!!! This information had NEVER come up on my radar and thus the fact that this was pointed out several times in this movie was absolutely hysterical! I'm so glad that JB Smoove & Stephen Merchant found time away from those AWFUL television projects that they're involved in! I just don't understand why Larry David & Ricky Gervais continue to hold these guys back! They should totally continue down this road where they FINALLY have some good writing behind their performances!

This this the best Farrelly brothers movie since Stuck on You!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by thebitterend1981 1 / 10

Total rot.

This thing is just awful, pointless and dull. It doesn't even have the wit to crazy combo of the Hangover. The premise is insipid, the writers have obviously got no idea of how actual, adult relationships work. Nothing more than another in a long line of mass produced, dopey, incredulous 'comedy' produced for the lowest common denominator. if this is the future of what our comedies are, no thanks. Take my advice;skip this movie. Walk past it on store shelves. If it's Telly, unplug the set and go out for a pint. It's not funny. Not even remotely. It's groan inducing. If you like other brainless rot like Napoleon Dynamite, Mama's Boy, Or anything of that 'style' , a term which I use in the loosest conceivable terms, you may get something out of this. If you've never actually been with a Woman, then the concept of this film may actually hold some sort of allure.

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