Hall Pass


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 108358


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ieatdogsforbreakfast 1 / 10

Penis alert

Why oh why oh f***ing why is it really necessary to drop without any need or notice some c**k into every movie that is billed as comedy For F**ks sake is every one in Hollywood f**king queer this is a mildly amusing movie , so lets make it a bit rude and stick some unneeded c**k in your face . What is wrong with these f**kers this is the internet age EVERYTBODY has access to porn we have all seen it and it ain't funny you gay F**ks Do you really think that flashing your proverbial C**ks is gonna convert somebody to fagotry .Because I cannot think of any possible other reason that you would do this As I have said before if its shock your after show vulva (not bush) as much as you love to show penis and I guarantee you will shock because no one in Hollywood has ever done this . Of course this is because you are all f**king queer C**TS

Reviewed by mariondowning-427-469344 1 / 10

Typical Farrelly fare.

I can't believe these brothers are wealthy purely based on toilet humor and breasts (possessed by girls who look like models while the male leads look like old men) - yeah realistic...NOT! This movie was once again aimed at men who don't need a realistic plot. Just cheap laughs, stick material and an excuse to use next time they want to stray...

"Yeah Honey, I need a Hall Pass for a week. It's the done thing nowadays, a movie said so". Then at the end the guys are made out to be loving husbands while one wife is made out to be a slut - after her husband was (as he said) kissing another woman's genitals and in the middle of masturbating her when told his wife was in a car accident. Yeah the only reason he stopped is because his friend turned up to tell him his wife was in an accident- yet men are still on here calling his wife a slut (that's rich).

You better believe men will think it's OK to use words such as "faux job" etc and giggle like girls and ask for hall passes because once again the Farrelly brothers have told them they can get a hot Australian girl - just because they looked at her in a creepy way and got a "Week off".

Reviewed by jtwcnr 1 / 10

Put a pass on hall pass

These types of movies you can expect a certain level of humor and just chalk it up to funny and put in the rotation to watch down the road. I knew this movie would be middle of the road funny going in, but I didn't realize that it would be this bad going out. The whole compilation of the movie was lazy and looked like a rip-off of a Farrelly Brothers movie. They took a good idea and just ran it into the ground. The movie just looked like it was made up as they went along and with the credentials of some of the actors you would think that they would help but they just made it worse to watch. I thought it was way to long and was hoping it would end soon just to find that there were 30 minuets left and they still haven't begin to build up to the conclusion. The only thing that I found funny in this movie though is that you see more wiener than breast.

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