Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 31410


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Jamie Lee Curtis as Curfew Announcer / Telephone Operator
Joshua John Miller as Willie Challis
Dan O'Herlihy as Conal Cochran
Tom Atkins as Daniel Challis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Misunderstood and under rated

This is probably the most controversial Halloween movie, simply because Michael Myers isn't in it. I know that this movie gets a lot of complaints, but actually I can see where the writers were going with this. They just had an idea to continue the Halloween stories, but just to do a different type of franchise, which I give them a lot of credit for. Does this movie deliver the same scares as the original Halloween or even the sequel? No, it doesn't, but it's still creepy and not given a proper chance by most. Just the song that is used alone in this movie was a bit intense. It's a great little ghost story that is sure to deliver chills if you have an open mind to it. The acting isn't as good as the other movies, we have some pretty below par actors, but over all they make the movie worth watching even if it was cheesy.

On Saturday, October 23, shop owner Harry Grimbridge is chased by mysterious figures wearing business suits. He collapses at a gas station clutching a Silver Shamrock jack-o'-lantern mask and is driven to the hospital by the filling station attendant all the while ranting, "They're gonna kill us. All of us." While Grimbridge is hospitalized, another man in a suit enters his room and pulls his skull apart. The man then returns to his vehicle, douses himself with gasoline and lights himself on fire, causing the car to explode. Challis, together with Grimbridge's daughter, Ellie, begins an investigation that leads them to the home of the Silver Shamrock Novelties factory. They learn from a hotel manager, Mr. Rafferty, that the source of the town's prosperity is Irishman Conal Cochran and his factory and that the majority of the town's population is made up of descendants of Irish immigrants. Challis learns that Ellie's father had stayed at the same hotel. Other guests of the hotel included shop owners Marge Guttman, Buddy, Betty and their son "Little" Buddy. All have business at the factory and eventually meet gruesome ends because of the Silver Shamrock masks.The Kupfer family views the Silver Shamrock commercial that will air on Halloween night. But there's more to these masks then meets the eye.

Is Halloween 3 the best sequel? No; is it the worst sequel? No; I'd say just a lot of people got the wrong idea about the movie and didn't know what the writers were thinking when the wrote for this franchise. I loved the ending scene, it actually did give me a nightmare, I don't want to give it away though, just trust me, it's a creepy scene. I do recommend if you love horror movies to give this movie a fair chance or if you want to see the Halloween movie franchise, just remember that the writers just wanted to try something new. I do honestly like this movie, I hope people will see it for what it is and it's just a good ghost story to watch on a night for Halloween.


Reviewed by mungflesh 8 / 10

Not as bad as people think

I think Tommy Lee Wallace's "Season of the Witch" is an underrated classic. There are no points here for outstanding acting performances, or original plot etc (although I would like to add there's no dreadful acting) but bonus points for the music and direction, which go together to make a really creepy horror. It contains superb imaginative gore sequences, to rival the likes of "The Fly" or "Dead & Buried".

Whereas the Michael Myers type slasher movies have done the genre to death, this one remains dusty and untouched. There aren't any other horror movies worth mentioning, like this. It is very sci-fi horror though, so I think if you've a problem with far-fetched content, you'd best avoid the film as you will find it ridiculous.

I called it Season of the Witch in the first sentence, because I prefer to think of it as it's own movie, rather than having anything to do with the original classic "Halloween". This is the only problem with the movie.

"Oh ... and Happy Halloween".

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 9 / 10

Another Underrated Movie Due to its Name

I never have been a fan of the "Halloween" series. Not to say that I don't like slasher films, but Michael Myers just never did anything for me. I would rather watch a "Friday the 13th" film any day over this series. "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" is the only movie from the series that I just didn't enjoy, but is actually one of my all time favorite horror films. Partially, because Michael Myers isn't in this film. Now, I am sure that people are going to hate my opinion on this, but I really don't care. I believe the only reason why this movie is so underrated and has such a low score on IMDb is because it doesn't have Michael Myers in it. If this movie had dropped the "Halloween" title and stuck with "Season of the Witch" or "The Last Halloween" I think this movie would have much more respect.

This movie has many things on its side. The storyline is one of the darkest I have ever seen about a company named "Silver Shamrock" selling Halloween masks. All through the movie television adds build up to a big "Give Away" on TV on Halloween night. Tom Atkins plays a doctor named Dan who suspects the "Silver Shamrock" company after a man is murdered in his hospital. The mans daughter and Dan take a trip to the town where the factory resides and find out much more then they could have bargained for.

As I said, this movie has many things going for it. A few great actors including Tom Atkins and Dan O'Herlihy do wonderful jobs. Especially O'herlihy, playing the part of the villain and one of the most evil characters ever created.

The music was great also. Performed by John Carpenter, of course. The music brings a great deal of atmosphere to the movie making you feel a sense of dread through and throughout. But, this is a great part of any of the "Halloween" movies. Like them or not, most of them have a good soundtrack.

And of course, the ending to the movie is one of the best/worst endings ever, in my opinion. Hollywood wouldn't dare have a movie end as bleak as this movie did today.

Well, you don't have to listen to me. But, I thought this was a great movie and I wish that it was never named "Halloween III". A bad decision, an excellent horror movie. 9/10

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