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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 1 / 10


Being shot in a kind of docu style remember paranormal activity, with night vision and stuff. Well it worked for a lot of scary flicks but here, it did not.

The story looked promising but been done before, an intruder in house and staying therefor days, watching you, this time with a lot of camera's and playing hide and seek, laying stuff everywhere to confuse his victims. But, nothing really happens. All you see is POV of the camera's before his victims, really, so that means that he is walking in front of them. sadly, nothing really happens only stabbing a youngster. Towards the end, but by then it's too late, the victims have to die.

Utterly boring, avoid at all costs.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by jtncsmistad 1 / 10

"Hangman": Hang this crapfest out to dry and then leave it there to rot!

Rarely have I come away from a movie viewing experience, hell, ANY experience, feeling as despondent and dismal as I did after suffering through the spirit slaying swill of "Hangman".

This alleged inspiration (the filmmakers claim, because there wasn't a DAMN thing inspiring about ANY of this stinking cesspool) by true events tracks through multi-concealed cameras a masked maniac as he terrorizes a suburban family of four while hiding inside their home. As near as I can surmise this depraved debacle was efforting to explore through character study the sliced up psyche of a gutted soul in search of love never shared with his own kin. But that notion is almost as laughable as the myriad of unintentionally albeit darkly comical scenes where this rancid animal literally stood right next to various household members yet remained COMPLETELY UNDETECTED!

"Hangman" imposes upon it's (hopefully LIMITED) audience a festering crapload of degenerate diligence just to hear a mother tell you she loves you. And the nightmare never sleeps ending is ripped right off without variation from other movies eons superior to this festival of feces.

But hey now, if you wanna spend about an hour and a half of your time on this planet watching a whack-job voyeur engineer the demolition of an innocent couple and their kids, then be my guest.

Just don't come this way with your head hangin' low and lookin' for sympathy. I tried to tell ya.

Reviewed by thedmtmolecule 1 / 10

Seriously do not bother

I have rarely watched a movie that is so boringly sick. Imagine if you will a writer or director who is both a very boring person and also morally sick, and you have the people who came up with this movie. There are few movies I can think of which have both bored the absolute poop out of me while simultaneously making me feel like I just licked the toilet bowl. Most of my reviews come with spoilers because I love story, its structure and process. This one doesn't have any spoilers because I wouldn't want to describe this movie to you, it doesn't deserve it. Just move on and pretend it doesn't exist, you are missing nothing other than cinematic excrement. The writer and director should just give up cinema and find something else to do - maybe working at McDonald's, something more suited to their talents. IMDb should provide a zero rating or perhaps negative numbers, and then I could have voted more accurately. An unentertaining, vile, and nasty turd of a movie. Yechhh.

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