Harbinger Down


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by room102 ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Disappointing, but watchable

This is a very uneven movie.

On the one hand, it's not bad for an independent movie with a tiny budget. The settings is pretty nice and the actors are OK.

The movie is an obvious reference to "The Thing" and it uses practical effects and no CGI. And here lies the first problem: The effects aren't impressive. From a company that deals with practical effects, which has some veteran effects guys and lots of experience, I expected more. A lot more. The effects here only show how amazing Rob Bottin's work was over 30 years ago. I also expected the effects to be a lot more explicit, yet I always got the feeling they try to hide them by shaking the camera, cutting, putting something in front, etc.

The last problem has to do with direction: It's pretty obvious that this is the work of a first time director/writer - The movie is very uneven, there are good scenes and bad scenes, there are continuity problems, coverage problems, editing problems, things that simply don't connect and hard to understand what the director meant to do and also many scenes that seem to be missing a dialog.

All in all, this is a so-so movie for something independent without a budget. I expected more and I'm a bit disappointed, but I'd still think it's worth a watch, at least for the effort.

Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

A very decent homage to The Thing

In the sunken nightmare ship of Harbinger, Russian water-bears sleep waiting. Before I go and tell you about the movie experience, you should know that this film is a Kickstarter movie, with more than 350 thousand dollars coming from that campaign, and made by people with vast experience with practical effects. You see, Hollywood uses CGI nowadays because it is cheaper and it has become a hallmark of fancy directors to use practical effects, all other movies relying on the cheapest alternative around. Cherish it, like you did fat and ugly radio stars before MTV came around.

The plot is pretty much a rip-off of The Thing. That is not accidental, because it is the same team that worked on the recent remake before the studios decided to go with CGI instead. The characters are archetypal, like in most films of the genre, with pretty decent acting all around. Lance Henriksen is great, of course, but even the rest of the actors give professional performances. What I liked also is that the characters themselves were borderline interesting making the entire feel more engaging when adding a little depth to them.

The special effects were just great for the budget they had and in conclusion I would go as far as say they accomplished their mission of creating a movie fans would enjoy and a nice homage to the great horror movies of the late 70s and early 80s.

Was the science accurate? Hell no. Was there a larger than life moral that one can leave the theater with and become a better person? Unless you count "do not join academia if you don't have the stomach for pompous self-absorbed a-wipes", then no. Was it fun? Oh, yeah!

Reviewed by FilmAddict303 5 / 10

80s throwback

I have been following and looking forward to this film for some time. Part of the reason was that Studio ADI was involved and they were focussing on using practical effects.

Sadly I don't know whether it was due to budget or deadlines but the effects were not up to their usual standard. They reminded me a lot of the creature effects you'd see in those low budget 80s monster movies.

The poor effects could have been overlooked if the film had a decent script and actors but it doesn't.

Sadly I think they missed the mark with this one. They could of made a really suspenseful and disturbing film along the lines of The Thing, but what they ended up with was a pretty average monster movie that will quickly be forgotten.

Unless you're a fan of those 80s monster movies I wouldn't recommend it.

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