Hard Luck


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Wesley Snipes as Lucky
Luis Guzmán as Million Dollar Mendez
Bill Cobbs as Cobb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Adam Rosenberg 3 / 10

Straight to Late Night Basic Cable Syndication is too good for this mess

Faded/fading stars, newbies just out of school, a plot which makes little sense, clichés tired and banal, dialogue which adds insult to injury, performances which range from good jokes to bad, to just tired as well. You hope everyone was stoned and having fun enough to actually laugh at the mess they're making which at least aspires on occasion to camp, however hard it falls on its face. Dreck, grade D product with grade B- production values. Only the dregs of basic cable could pass this off as a way to kill a couple of late-night hours, which might work as you also do your toenails (and/or beat weed), listen to music, and chat online.

Reviewed by ddc300 7 / 10

"Hard Luck" has a "Pulp Fiction" narrative

This Mario Van Peebles and Larry Brand penned movie is a unique blend of two genre films, the "gangsta" and "psycho-on-the-loose."

There is also a wink that the director (Peebles) takes at the old 'screwball comedies' where a couple usually gets involved in a situation that neither wanted to be in from the beginning. And of course part of that scenario has a 'Bonnie and Clyde' overtone as the couple (Snipes and Jackie Quinones) try and stay one step ahead of both the law and gangsters that were 'short changed' by Snipes in the beginning of the film.

There is a little bit of 'political statement' at the very beginning of the movie that doesn't take away from the crux of 'Hard Luck.' For some reason Peebles wanted a 'current event' added to a film that did not warrant it. Over time the scene in question will only date the film.

Not wanting to spoil it for anybody, but lets just say Peebles has assembled a great cast -- some known faces and some relatively new ones -- and puts them to good use. While the material is sort of a 'walk in the park' for Snipes, you will be surprised by some of Peebles' unique choices at casting. Hint: be prepared to see Cybil Shepard in a new light! ;-D

Reviewed by wrlang 4 / 10

hard to watch

Hard Luck is a dark comedy about a pair of serial killers that meet up with a dancer and a guy named lucky who fell into some money. Lucky tries to get the money and skip town with mobsters hot on his trail and picks up a dancer who gets in the way more than once. When Lucky meets up with the serial killers, he almost buys the farm. Pretty good action and dialog that is helped by good actors. Lots of purple comes through and livens up the action. Not meant to be an intellectual film, it has its moments. I think I liked Snipes better in US Marshals type movies. Van Peebles has made a movie that really relied on Snipes to create the draw. What are friends for anyway…. If you like action, some sick serial killers, and some T&A you'll like this movie.

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