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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mvahalova 4 / 10

Visually interesting, but story is too slow

The movie has some good shots visually, and slow motion camera helps to view the trick properly if you wanna learn some. Otherwise the story telling is too slow, movie is trying to capture too many important themes and thus the spectator looses the attention. I also believe that it is religious propaganda that could not be more obvious. As the main character only starts winning when he gets a skateboard with Jesus on it, is misleading message to the public. It should not be about believing in Jesus what makes your life better, but the message should be that through believing to yourself and working on your goals and yourself will bring you what you crave for.

Reviewed by chris-zappia 5 / 10

Great film with an exceptionally positive message

The film Hardflip is packed with skating, an awesome and talented cast, and great music, but what really makes this film incredible is the message it carries, to let go of Fear and Pain while embracing Forgiveness and Faith. This film has the ability to resonate with many teens and Parents alike by focusing on issues that many deal with in our society. Randy Wayne, John Schneider, Rosanna Arquette, and Christopher Michael do an amazing job in this film along with featured pro-skaters Christian Hosoi and Brian Sumner. If you enjoy a film that will lift your spirits high than this film is one for your Blu-ray/DVD collection.

Reviewed by rand_raak 8 / 10

good message without the bad acting & writing

Good message - gotta forgive ourselves and others. Writers/actors true to their beliefs without gagging me with them, and without the bad acting, writing, and directing often found in a "Christian" movie. There is hope. Liked the authentic skating and real skaters. It could have been shortened up, paced-up in spots - we get the angst without dragging it out quite so much. Yet it doesn't short-sell or oversimplify the pain of the situations that a lot of young guys, absentee fathers, and single moms deal with. That's life for a lot of people, we don't just get over it like society tells us to. Movie doesn't rely on gratuitous sex or violence to sell itself,which is nice to see for a change.

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