Harlock: Space Pirate


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wulfthar ([email protected]) 9 / 10

I haven't seen a Space Opera like this in a long time

Like almost all the Italian kids of my generation I grew up watching Matsumoto's series like Battleship Yamato, Galaxy 999 and of course Captain Harlock.

I was surprised to see that a movie had been developed and I had nothing about it, I saw the trailer on TV and even if I'm not a CGI fan at all I decided to give it a chance...well I wasn't disappointed.

The plot is simple, doesn't have anything to deal with the previous TV series of the 70s, the 80s or Arcadia of you Youth, the Endless Odyssey or any other OAV, it seems that the Japanese have never been interested in developing a consistent continuity or mythology of any kind while they are more focused in re-creating the same..."atmosphere" perhaps is the right word. Here we have the same basic ingredients of Harlock's history: he's a pirate, an ex captain of a military ship in a previous war that he lost, he fights for freedom and for Earth, a place from where he is banned (this time everybody is banned, for the matter), his dear friend Toshio is dead, his crew consist in outcasts and among them his right hand is Key and left hand Yattaran. I don;t know why in the FAQ it is written that his love interest in the previous movie was Esmeralda because as far as I remember she was Toshio's girlfriend and the alien Mime is again the woman who dedicated her life to him, the last of her race that here we are informed were the Nebelung,who possessed an esoteric technology that is the center of the story. The main antagonists are the gerontocrats of the Gaia Coalition who banned Humanity from Earth, some real life references to aging population and the decline of Civilisation are new and interesting elements that reflects some themes of our actual times especially in Japan (I guess) but also in Western Europe.

Without giving too many spoilers the story makes relative sense until the end when something unclear happens: on one side it seems there is a cosmic regeneration ongoing and the baton is given to Yama (that here like in the original series always looked a "young" Harlock) but in reality it doesn't seem that Herlock's original plan was carried on...perhaps the movie has been cut for the European release or there has been something lost in translation ( for instance certain dialogs of Z Gundan in Italian or English don't make any sense at all,it seems the characters are discussing about Philosophy during a duel), I don't know but however the romantic atmosphere of the movie has not been disturbed, at least for me.

Talking about CGI: this incarnation of the Arcadia is cool but from the outside I preferred the original blue version or the green one of Arcadia of my youth, the turrets and the interiors have a real mechanical feel that rarely CGI can give (I think about the "fakeness" of Transformers first), the ship of the Coalition have a beautiful retro' style that seems taken from Alien and Aliens, the 3D works great too, without feeling too intrusive.

CGI as usual fails portraying realistically humans: Harlock and Yama look a little like Big Jim dolls, Key on the other side being a woman and "smooth" is more similar to a real actress covered with make as it is fashion today, of course the "best" looking character is the Alien Mime, much better than anything we have seen in Cameron's Avatar. All the character and costume design are faithful to Matsumoto's original design, so men and women are slender and ethereal, the hairstyles are pleasantly 70s (Kay looks like a Norwegian model of that era) as well as the costumes (I want Yama's leather jacket! Or at least, it looks like leather), it is surprising what the Japanese can do with a budget of just 30 million dollars, the American directors and Hollywood managers should watch this movie, they can learn one thing or two.

In conclusion, I liked the movie, in comparison to the Hollywood's crap-fest we are watching on screen in the last years it is a masterpiece, the weak points are the traditional "Matsumoto" flaws: a certain lack of consistency, no real relation with the other media, evanescent plot, but if you are familiar with him and generally speaking the world of Japanese Anime you have to deal with that.

Reviewed by Andrea Daviddi 2 / 10

Incoherent and Delirious

This movie is simply completely incoherent and delirious. The plot make no sense. The characters are meaningless. The conversations are at random.

The whole plot is based by an incomprehensible plan that none has understood, but for some reason the crew still follow the captain, even if no one has an idea of what they are doing.

A character that change side 4 time in a movie with ridiculous reasons is one of the worse thing I ever seen.

The only thing that save this movie is that the CGI is beautiful, and the ship is a true masterpiece of design.

But a beautiful CGI cannot save a whole movie from being horrible.

Reviewed by slinkydogg 4 / 10

A Space Pirate Captain Harlock that only resembles in appearance.

First off I would like to say that I grew up watching Harlock I am a die hard Harlock fan I have collected his Toy's, Models, Records, Movies, TV Animations and just about Everything Leiji Matsumoto has put out so my knowledge on this matter is immense. Now as for the new Harlock Movie, visually it was fun to watch. Seeing one's childhood hero in full on CG is always going to be entertaining but that was all it was. This movie lacked so much of the Essence and Soul of what is Leiji Matsumoto that I sort of considered the insert of a old Leiji Matsumoto drawing at the end of the credits a bit of a insult.. It's like saying "Hey we have the comics story's and art but we didn't use any of it" It was a slap in the face. I don't know what it is these days with buying the copyrights to something and then putting out something that is in no relation to the story.. What are the things that are wrong with this movie? Well here's a short list.

1. Harlock's back story is different from that of Arcadia of my Youth.

2. There is nothing about Leiji Matsumoto's art style in this movie asides from the appearance of his characters everything else is vacant his style of drawing city's buildings and computer rooms is not in here. The Gaia city looks more like Asgaurd from The Thor movie.

3. The enemy is GENERIC and forgettable.. there is nothing memorable. There is so many influential villains in Leijiverse you could have pulled something from the past like (Count Mecha, Queen Promethuem, Faust the Black Knight, The Mazone, or Illuminads.

4. In this movie Harlock's crew are portrayed as cowards Harlock's crew are not cowards! They might be pre-occupied but when Harlock asks for Volunteers those who sail under the flag of Freedom on the Arcadia VOLUNTEER.

5. In this movie Yataran is portrayed as a coward as well, Yataran is not a coward and never doubts Harlock, the XO has always believed in the captain and is far more important than what he is portrayed as in this movie. His love for building battleship and airplane models was also missing in this movie. The personality's of these characters was totally different from how they are portrayed in previous Harlock story's.

6. Spacewolf Fighters (Arcadias Space Fighter Jets) None to be seen in this movie.

7. Leiji Matsumotos love for WWII Airplanes and Battleships does not show in any of the mechanical designs. None of that. The Arcadia looks like a mix of HR Gigers Aliens and a giant penis. Even the enemy's fleet has no Leiji Matsumoto influence in the design of their ships.

8. No DR.Zero, No Masu chasing a Mi Kun with her Knife, No Chief Engineer Maji No Kiddodo and Taro Ama.

9. The story is a MESS, this story makes absolutely no sense, At first they present to you a crew that sails for freedom so much to the point that to board the ship it's the one word that will get you onboard the Arcadia yet as the back story goes according to this movie Harlock wasn't even about Freedom he was just some cursed pirate mutation who was spawned from black matter. Random weapons are being pulled out by the Gaia Coalition on the fly, giant space bomb, what?

10. Tochiro is like some almost un existent element in this movie. the Arcadias main computer where Tochiros soul lays is totally bares no resemblance to Leiji Matsumotos desgin which has been on each and every Arcadia previous to this movie. Furthermore it is like a non relevant thing in this movie. Tochiro and the Arcadia are a essential part to the Harlock Universe cutting that out is like pizza without the cheese it just doesn't work. Tochiro isn't just Harlocks best friend and traveling companion they are freaking Bro's before Hoe's brothers! With past life history you don't just brush a character like that under the rug.

11. There are no Mechanized people in this movie.

In short this movie was a great big FAIL.

Anyways I hope this movie was a one off and if ever there is to be another it will be giving to someone with some insight into Leiji Matsumotos Vision and history of Captain Harlock someone like Rintaro who has a history with Harlock and Galaxy Express and would understand the character and behavior of Captain Harlock and his followers.

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