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Stephen McHattie as Pale Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 7 / 10

I graded it 7! Long time since I've done that.

So after many, many months of 4, 5 and tops 6, finally I get a movie that deserves more. I'll tell you folks, I really enjoyed this one. Yes, it may be cheesy at times, a tad bit confusing, could use more frights, but does NOT disappoint.

It starts as a horror, ends the same, delivers with quite an impressive story, good acting, good characters, nice mood and a terrific performance by Stephen McHattie. Of course, some might say it's more supernatural, has some plot holes, should have improved the scares, and so many other aspects that might have used some changes, but I for one loved it. I'll take it as it is and pass it to you guys! It's a great movie to watch it with your girlfriend, or with friends, cracking your head trying to figure what's going one, see who manages to break the ice.

Anyway, words are useless this time, it's up to you to get your hands on Haunter and press play. You won't be disappointed. Cheers!

Reviewed by ALI BABA 7 / 10

Ghost Story with a twist!

A new point of view for a simple ghost story that keeps you guessing. 15 minutes into the movie, I thought I had it all figured out and then suddenly, a new twist! A ghost story with a freshness to it. I wouldn't classify it as a horror movie but more of a mystery thriller. Watching the movie creates a bit of 80's nostalgia. It actually made me miss my Atari 2600. The movie is not scary yet it captivates the viewer and okay for kids to watch. I watched it with my teenage sons and 8 year-old daughter and all of us enjoyed it quite a bit. A quick mention for the main character, Abigail Breslin (Lisa)who is a very convincing actress. Reminded me a bit of The Sixth Sense and The Others. Although I didn't love it, I did like it A LOT. Definitely worth the watch!

Reviewed by Horror on Screen 6 / 10

A ghost story with a twist

Haunter is a ghost story with a twist. The film is based on the interesting concept of a family who lives the same day all over again. This idea is cleverly used in the first part of the movie and efficiently captivates the audience within the first few minutes, The problem is that it quickly gets repetitive. The film has a complex and interesting plot, but is too long to remain truly interesting. Despite a great try for being different from all the other ghost films, Haunter fails at his most important task, being scary. There are a few jumpy scenes, but nothing that should get you hiding under your seat.

In the end, Haunter is another ghost story...not a bad one. Those who enjoy the ghost genre should really check it out. The presence of Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Little Miss Sunshine) is interesting, but I found the mum and the dad to be the true great actors in that film (the dad played in Saw VI and Silent Hill Revelations 3D). Considering that the director, Vincenzo Natali, is the one responsible for both Cube and Splice, two awesome horror/sci-fi flicks, I think this one is a little bit disappointing.

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