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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10

An abomination

HAZARD JACK is an appalling film. A would-be slasher with zero plot, zero acting ability, and zero reason to watch, it marks a true nadir for this genre and is even worse than shot-on-video trash like the CAMP BLOOD movies. It's hard to believe that the guy who directed this, David Worth, once handled the likes of KICKBOXER back in the day.

Hazard Jack is a psychotic killer and former soldier, suffering from PTSD and deranged by the violence he's experienced in combat. A group of distasteful twentysomething characters enter the abandoned hospital where he hides out and he proceeds to bump them off one by one before the inevitable showdown with the survivors.

Everything about HAZARD JACK is tacky and cheap. The gore effects, although plentiful, are poorly achieved and look bargain basement style. The acting is so amateurish it's not even worth mentioning. There's ample nudity here, but the women are all of the silicon-enhanced variety. The narrative follows the old 'have sex and die' formula resolutely without ever adding its own spin or twists into the mix. The script is rubbish. HAZARD JACK truly is an awful film.

Reviewed by Diane Ruth 10 / 10

Important Cautionary Tale as well as Intense Horror Film

Director David Worth has succeeded beautifully in bringing to the screen the most effective and sensitively observed studies of a Iraq veteran's struggle with PTSD and his inability to adjust to civilian life after all he has endured. Fired from a job for violent outbursts after returning from war, the protagonist finally moves into an abandoned VA hospital and becomes an isolated, broken individual who ends up acting out bloody fantasies that are out of his control. This a stunning film that works on several levels, especially as a significant cautionary tale regarding how veterans must receive much needed mental treatments after combat. As the film so eloquently depicts, such care is crucial for the sake of the soldier as well as society. Another aspect that is extremely well done is the horror story that serves as the framework for the drama. The terror is at time unendurable and the thrills are incredible intense. The unrelenting sense of dread and fear inside the hospital is amplified by the haunting imagery that director Worth uses to communicate a sense of hopelessness. A superb film that highlights one of the most important issues of our time.

Reviewed by GL84 9 / 10

Enormously enjoyable if only slightly flawed

Deciding to engage in a game of paint-ball, a group of friends wrongly choose the location held by a PTSD-plagued war vet who sees them as a chance to continue his reign of terror and forcing them to stop him in order to get out alive.

Overall, this was quite a surprising and enjoyable slasher effort that really gets a lot right. One of it's better elements throughout this is the prime location set-up here to take advantage of the intended target here of the paint-ball game in the abandoned hospital where he's secretly living. The winding corridors, endless darkened rooms split off from the main entrances, plenty of power-tools left lying around to make for handy weaponry and the type of dirty, grimy atmosphere gained from years of neglect and disuse that supplies this perfectly well with a great location and really makes the most of it. That also occurs with the rather frantic and enjoyable stalking scenes that are quite enjoyable if just a tad cliched of the use of running victims being unable to escape from the shambling killer but there's more in quantity that certainly make for an overall more enjoyable offering. Along with the locations and stalking here, the plentiful gore and bountiful nudity also supply this with a lot to like and really seem to help overlook the fact that the running time is so short yet never once overstays it's welcome or descends into boredom by constantly providing all of those features together at given intervals to continually creep further along and generally come across as quite positive. That said, there's still a few minor areas here that do hold this one down, mostly the two aforementioned tactics in its short running time and the cliched stalking scenes but also from the fact that it manages to once again feature such a wide-ranging group of people that they're hardly the sort of friends that would hang out with each other in real-life and it becomes upsetting to think they would be. It really casts a strong cloud over the film, as well as the fact of this one really doesn't do much interesting with its' killer beyond the silent, hulking brute. The ties to the disorder is fine and actually well-handled, but it tends to go off on several needless tangents throughout here which are just plain confusing and don't really offer much to the film beyond their confusing nature. These do hold it back somewhat, though what's on display is often enough to hold it off and become quite enjoyable.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity, several sexual situations and drug use.

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