He Never Died


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by microwhatever 10 / 10

First depiction of immortality that I have ever found believable.

I feel that so many people missed the point of this movie. To explain any more of his character or the world he lives in would simply dumb down the story and remove the mystery that makes this story so haunting. This movie depicts an immortal being that is totally detached from humanity. How could any person alive for 1000's of years still care about petty bullshit and after 1000's of years how wouldn't everything become petty bullshit. Henry Rollins has hilarious dead pan delivery that is funny without betraying his characters apathetic nature. This is brought across even in the action sequences which make them even more gripping and realistic.

Reviewed by siderite 9 / 10

The perfect role for Rollins

I am a big fan of Henry Rollins ever since he was rocking on MTV, but in this film he outdid himself. I cannot imagine a more perfect role for him than this grumpy indestructible man who just wants to be left alone... for your sake.

But it isn't only that. The script made me think of many things and very often made me laugh out loud. Maybe I loved the film so much because I identify with the character, but in so many ways it is a deconstructive story, and I always like what makes me question the way things are and makes me think on how they could or even should be.

Rollins doesn't seem to need to act, he just shows up, but look at the films he chose to be in: Feast, Suck and this to top them off. The movie is one of those rare art pieces where you enjoy every part of the story, every line of dialogue and you don't give a rat's ass about special effects or production values. I loved the movie!

Reviewed by rushknight 7 / 10

I think everyone wanted to be this guy at some point..

One of the reviewers mentioned that this movie is the best portrayal of immortality he's ever seen. I must really concur, this was not a great movie, but it was interesting. And that's what really makes a good movie.

Our hero is an immortal being. Think vampire, then put that idea out of your head. He's worse. Completely unkillable and jaded to the point of blindness, this character has lived long enough to see it all and become so bored with existence that he figures he might as well not exist. And therein lies the interesting part. Henry Rollins plays the part well. He is stone-faced, wooden and cold (which is appropriate for the part) throughout most of the film. Just the sort of behavior you'd expect from someone who is so completely bored with his life that he is utterly uncaring about everything around him. Top that off with his superhuman qualities and you get a figure that simply demands impromptu action.

And of course, you get to see him in action. Action that he doesn't really want, but is willing to deal with. His handling of it is entertaining to say the least. Very enjoyable indeed, the scenes are played through very well and in a manner that seems both real and also a little humorous.

Since the film is entirely character driven, the writers know that in order to make the movie good, they have to make their viewers identify with the protagonist. And they do. The ancient man grapples with barely a shred of the common human needs that normal people deal with, and we see him as a stark contrast. It illuminates our human side, makes our own behavior and feelings that much more real. And even gives us a sort of sympathy for him. We want him to "come around" so to speak. Reawaken the spark of life that we all find so critical.

Devoid of most computer enhanced special effects, this movie relies on good old fashioned blood splatter and fire for the action. It has the distinct air of an old man dealing with an old problem. This is a strength in my opinion. It makes the movie seem much more real.

If there is any weakness, it would have to be towards the ending. Things change up a bit in the protagonist's character that I found somewhat confusing. Essentially, a moral is inserted. And whenever that happens in a film you always bring out the cynicism in viewers who sometimes decide that they "disagree" with it.

I give it a 7 out of 10. Much more entertaining than I expected it to be.

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