Hello I Must Be Going


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 4964


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alex King 6 / 10

Great evening movie to watch ...

i'm not use to writing reviews but hey, this is a really good watch, interesting movie, great cast, i loved it. @ least it's a story we can all relate to, i think Melanie Lynskey Killed it, best role i have ever seen her in. as the movie progress you get captured in the story telling and you can't just wait to see what happens in the next scene, not the kind of movie you'll fall asleep watching. very good acting, and don't expect to see some wild "sex scenes" when i read the plot initially my mind went straight to seeing Melanie Lynskey "wildin out" i know, i know .. but overall the movie is great, I loved it, go see it.

Reviewed by Arit 8 / 10

Much lighter and funnier than the synopsis makes it sound

Hello I Must Be Going doesn't really question the morality or credibility of its central theme -- romantic relationship between a woman and a man where she is almost a couple of decades older. The film cleverly escapes the creepiness surrounding it and actually ends up being very funny. It should be attributed to screenwriter Sarah Koskoff's unabashed celebration of the positive effects that sexual human contacts have on one's spirit, and female lead Melanie Lynskey's depressed yet oddly optimistic portrayal of the 30-something divorcee. For a Sundance Lab product, which often tends to be just dark and ambiguous, this is somewhat a refreshing change of tone.

The only indie cliche this film resorts to is the background of its main characters, who are all connected to filmmaking. However, this convenient setting on the filmmakers' part is not a real problem with the film, as there is a tangible character development of a woman slowly reopening to her senses, which should easily resonate among general audiences. All in all, this is an easy-to-follow indie with no ambiguity that makes your head spin. It clearly has adult contents with a few f-bombs, but nothing too graphic, and offers a pretty relaxed and enjoyable narrative.

Reviewed by lgbrenes 8 / 10

It's a well told, well directed and well acted original story.

I don't know why is this movie so criminally scored. It's a well told, well directed and well acted original story. It does lose focus a bit towards the very end, but it remains engaging and sweet in essence.

The plot is simple but also tactfully told, moves along well and it's peppered with touching moments of honesty. The protagonist's role is refreshingly crafted and accordingly acted. It has a clear structure and a detailed pacing through which we are given numerous invitations to delve in the protagonist's emotional state and even to indulge in soul searching nostalgia.

I'm really surprised at how this movie got such a low score. I treated these scores with a certain respectability when reviewing the possible movies I might spend my free time with. Outraged, I say!

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