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Lou Ferrigno as Hercules
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by windypoplar 5 / 10

a mythic barrel of fun!

Hercules directed and written by Luigi Cozzi stars the great Lou Ferrigno as the title character and takes great liberties with his story. It's aimed squarely at kids, with its colorful characters and even more colorful special effects. What i liked about it was the steady pacing, the absolutely weird musical cues and Lou's solid, if perhaps too straight performance.

Forget all you know about Herc, this film stands on its own. Some of the old tale is here, baby Herc does crush snakes sent by his stepmother Hera and he does grow up peacefully not knowing why he's so strong. An early battle with a giant bear is well-shot. Lou certainly looks the part, unlike some other actors who tried and he isn't that bad with the dialog, which is very ripe.

In this version Herc's great love is Casseopeia, played by the very easy to look at Ingrid Andersson. I so wanted to get that veil off her face! Herc must win her hand by competing in a series of bizarre rites of Strong. Including the classic cleaning of the stables. Which is a great sequence using miniatures and super-imposition. Even the rocks look heavy and real for a change! Still Zeus, and at least one actor, Claudio Casselinni, was understated, wants the sides of good and evil to be balanced, so Herc and Cass are separated.

Not to fear, Herc soon hooks up with sorceress Circe, played by another beauty in a barely there outfit. She aid him in his celestial quest to conquer the evil of Thera and save Cass from being a virgin(!) sacrifice!

The set for Thera, the green isle of Atlantis actually, is one of the best I've seen outside of Star Wars: Episode IV, its truly a great work of lighting and miniature sets, complete with a flame-wielding colossus. Herc's great strength is no match for the witch Adriana (called Ariana in my version,) played by the buxom Sybil Danning, but his great heart is, he's loyal to Cass. This all leads to a duel with the evil King Minos, who wants science to rule the world at the expense of all emotion. Their duel with Herc wielding the sword of Zeus and Minos the fire sword of Atlantis is great. The finale is spectacular and I love Herc's ending line to the rescued Cass. and check her final outfit, wow! "How do I know you're really Casseopeia? Or are you Adriana is another form or Circe reborn?" She responds "I am all and none of them. I am the one who loves you!"

Cool movie, what I didn't like was the cheesy robots, they simply looked bad! Also why was Daedelus, the God who helps Minos, played by a woman? Some elements of the plot were confusing. Still this a great family adventure, the hero is great the girls are lovely and there is nothing objectionable save some light violence. If you're looking for a fun movie that doesn't require too much brain power, this is it!

Reviewed by masercot 5 / 10

Bad in ways you cannot possibly imagine...

This movie is bad...but not so bad that you don't enjoy it. In fact, your eyes are glued to the screen in anticipation of what bizarre twist they are going to perform next on Greek/Roman mythology. Robot hydra and robot centaurs that shoot lasers are simply too amazing to be missed. The writer of this film must've been autistic and simply wrote the first thing that came into his head. It is DELIGHTFUL! Certainly, if you cannot sit through a bad movie, you should avoid this one; however, as bad movies go, this is an epic...a mighty effort of special effects, bad writing, poor dialog and what looks like a single costume shared by every female member of the cast. No woman in this movie wears anything substantial below the belt...even Dedalus, who for reasons unknown, is a woman in this film.

If your children see this movie, please remember to tell them that the movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual myth of Hercules, Minos, Circe or even Ursa Major (the great bear).

Use as directed...

Reviewed by jahavran 10 / 10

A masterpiece of b-grade cinematography

Hercules is a masterpiece of b-grade (well, maybe c-grade) cinematography, standing proudly next to Ed Wood's "Plan Nine From Outer Space" and his other brilliantly stupid stuff. Of course, it is not a movie for mainstream, as well as it is not a movie for people without well-developed sense for humor. To enjoy it, you must drop your seriousness, be open-minded and remember that this is a comedy. It doesn't matter that the author didn't meant it as a comedy, far from it, it makes it even more funny. Every single second of the movie is pure dadaism, complete negation, comparable to Monthy Python's works. It makes you ask all the time: "Why??? Why is are the ancients monsters fighting with Hercules robots (and using laser)? Why does Zeus look like submissive Santa Clause? Why does Hercules, after every fight, take his dead enemy and throw him into space? Why is the main evil-guy speaking about "the come of the mighty phoenix" when there never appears anything like that? And was the scene with bear meant seriously???" The stunning idiocy of the author and incredibly bad performance of all the actors are making this movie simply fascinating. It is one of the worse films I have ever seen, but at the same time, I laughed this much only when watching Monthy Pythons, Ed Wood's stuff and the speech of Czech Mr. Premier two weeks ago. I strongly recommend to check it out.

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