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Tom Hiddleston as Laing
Sienna Miller as Charlotte
Luke Evans as Wilder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steven-drew 4 / 10

Mish Mash

You look at the cast . 10/10 You see the story line 09/10 You see the cinematography 09/10

We settle down , C,mon movie "entertain us" we cry.

1 hour later we just cry.

The morning after watching we are still "none the wiser" which is a great shame.

Very well made with a cast of most of my favourite Brit actors but what the hell is it all about ???? I still haven't got a clue.

Pretentious , Brit film Noir? my biggest regret is we wasted a Saturday night watching it.

My wife kept saying , "turn it off if you don't like it" but we kept thinking it would either 1) get better 2) we would eventually Get It or 3) We watched it this far so there is no point switching it off now.

Reviewed by Nina 7 / 10

Amusing series of vignettes that never does come together

I had the pleasure of viewing High-Rise at a recent film festival. I went in with high expectations, which gave way to boredom and the anticipation of the end of the showing.

The actors absolutely fulfilled all expectations. The performances are all highly nuanced and look natural, rather than put on. Hiddleston goes above and beyond to give one of the arguably best performances of his career. The mise-en-scene of each scene is meticulously crafted and beautifully shot.

So what, exactly, tipped high expectations into boredom?

For one, the film never does come together, never gives off the feeling of a cohesive whole, but rather of a series of vignettes. Each vignette is, of course, beautifully shot, but the disconnect they cause makes it impossible to empathize with any of the characters.

Additionally, suspension of disbelief is near impossible. Why do the characters make the choices they do? What drives them to this madness?

Overall, I would recommend this piece to very loyal fans of any of the actors or to cinephiles with a high degree of patience.


Reviewed by Scudpipes 2 / 10

Half the audience left, film failed to grip

Eight people - about half the audience - walked out of this; usually I think, big deal, let them leave, some people have no taste. For example, fans of Tom Cruise disappointed by Eyes Wide Shut. Here, I guess you could say these were Hiddleston fans who wanted a bit more of him with his top off... but to be honest, I think they were just bored. I was. I should have walked too. As another reviewer here has written, JG Ballard can't be adapted for the screen. He's about right. That's the main problem - the script is a mess, both pretentious and trite, also very pleased with itself. Performances are uneven, and nothing much happens - for example, there is talk of a lobotomy, but that's about it. It's cobblers. Never has anarchic behaviour seemed to tedious and naff. Well worth avoiding, despite a couple of promising moments - the costume party, for example, and the thug who says 'You won't be needing that' - both of which director Wheatley fails to capitalise on. Oh, and it features an annoying intelligent kid, which is a big no no.

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