Hit and Run


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 30875


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Bradley Cooper as Alex Dmitri
Kristen Bell as Annie Bean
Jason Bateman as Keith Yert
Kristin Chenoweth as Debby Kreeger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chromewaves354 10 / 10

Dax, Please write/direct another movie

I've never reviewed a movie before but had to for Hit & Run. My wife and I feel like we just got home from a perfect first date. This is just a feel good movie that leaves you feeling great hours after watching it. Armed with only $2 million and some friends, Dax created the perfect movie experience: non stop laughing, edge of your seat fun, hot car chase scenes, great music, perfect casting, style and swagger, all wrapped up in a watchable story.

Dax, please write/direct/star in another movie soon...Hollywood needs to learn that talent trumps big budget any day of the week. And please email me your ipod playlist!!!

Reviewed by skitsophonics 8 / 10

A fun ride !

I don't often write reviews so I'll keep this short. I watched this expecting nothing more than something to waste a couple of hours.It ended up being a real fun couple of hours though. Clever script work..great character chemistry & fantastic musical score.I watched this with my wife who is very hard to please and she was also pleasantly surprised. I'm not saying this should win any awards but I am saying for those of you who don't take every film you watch too seriously .. it's a pretty cool little movie . Dax Shepard should give himself a pat on the back for this.For a movie with a small budget it manages to assemble a great cast and give more bang for your buck than many big studios deliver.

Reviewed by ijskoman 8 / 10

Great fun!

Not that many ratings yet, but how can this movie have a 6.1?? Serious? I saw it in the sneak preview yesterday and had some great laughs, certain parts are hilarious. Best of all, didn't knew anything about this movie, so wasn't expecting anything... Turned out to be one of my better movies this year so far! Some titles are hyped, like Batman The Dark Knight Rises, and although I enjoyed it, this movie messed up my emotions way more!The acting of the whole cast suits the flow and spirit of this movie perfectly. Furthermore, I think Dax Shepard did an outstanding job being both the director, writer and main character. Must see!

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