Hitman: Agent 47


Action / Adventure / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
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Rupert Friend as Agent 47
Hannah Ware as Katia
Zachary Quinto as John Smith
Angelababy as Diana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian Hill ([email protected]) 1 / 10

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!

I have been a fan of the Hit-man games for a long time, and this movie is absolutely awful.

The actor who played Agent 47 is terrible. The story is awful. The character of Agent 47 was the complete opposite of the character in the games.

In the games, Agent 47 is methodical, stealthy and calculated. In this movie, the character throws all of that out the window and turns the movie into a typical shoot 'em up. So much terribleness. The first Hit-man movie is much better.

This movie is so bad that all comments on the Facebook page are positive, only because all negative comments get quickly deleted. Some people have even had the audacity to say that this movie stays true to the games. Other than the title and Agent 47's suit, nothing. Terrible! Save your money.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 1 / 10


I'm very much a fan of the Hit-man games and was (again) shocked by the sheer ignorance in this film. Obvious mistakes and plot holes were apparent from the first minute; things like reloading guns only when it looks cool, guards with their backs to the elevator, contradictions in speech. Lack of a credibility of the entire storyline can be forgiven, since it's still a dystopian video game and don't we all love a dame in distress. The disrespect director Bach shows in ignoring the very nature of the games (stealth) and treating the audience as idiots is culpable. Most of the shots seem to have been made just to look good. CGI was not too good but unlike the rest of the film, functional.

Reviewed by alex-christian 5 / 10

Makes the 2007 Hit-man film look like a masterpiece!

I never expected anything more of this film than run of the mill action with the Hit-man flavor. I was sorely disappointed. Firstly I felt like the first hour or so of the film was a take on "The Terminator" with a bit of a "Leon: The Professional" vibe too. There was even an antagonist who had rejuvenating body armour like a Terminator cyborg. He got shot plenty of times to kill him and even electrocuted but wouldn't die. Agent 47 was basically reduced to a supporting character and the "sixth sense" nonsense where the female protagonist learns to harness her own Hit-man skills is laughable. Throw in the old "you're brother and sister" and you've got your classic 1am made-for-TV b-movie. However my greatest disappointment was at the end when they take the HQ down and do all of this "in-sync" shooting with one another, crossing arms etc... it was so cringe worthy. The only cool part of the film for me was when I accepted she had a sixth sense of a sort and at the very end where the female protagonist anticipated a powerful army or special ops team of sorts coming up the stairs to get them, when in fact it was Agent 48. Then the film ended. It was kind of cool. I love Hit-man but was very disappointed although I do feel if they ever make another one they need to have an actor who is essentially a no-name because 47 is so blank in the face if you had a famous person playing the character I feel you would lose your suspension of disbelief. No disrespect to The Late Paul Walker who was in talks to play the iconic video game character. Lastly I feel that what the Hit-man games are about; stealth and creative ways to execute contracts is not what an action films wants which is full on shoot-outs. In the game Hit-man if you carried on the way they did in this film (or the last to be honest) then you would lose so many points for not being a "silent assassin" as he "goes loud" almost every time in this. The need to go Nolan-Batman, dark themed if they were to translate this into a successful film franchise.

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