Hold Your Breath


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
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Katrina Bowden as Jerry
Randy Wayne as Johnny
Devanny Pinn as Woman With Scar
Darin Cooper as Warden Wilkes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Film Watchin Fool 3 / 10

Watch Fallen (1998) Instead

Watch this if...an hour and a half of your time can't possibly be spent watching something else. Fallen (1998) has a similar premise and is worth a watch.

Acting/Casting: 3* - I give this a 3 only because Katrina Bowden is easy on the eyes. She should likely stick to comedy and stay out of this genre because she isn't great at acting out horror. The acting is well below average and extremely obvious throughout the film.

Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 2* - You can't tell me that even some of the worst special effects guys in the business couldn't do better than this. The special effects are embarrassing and the movie is unrealistic and all over the place.

Plot/Characters: 3* - A group of friends are on a road trip that is thrown off course after one of them is possessed by the spirit of an evil man that was executed 50 years ago. The premise is a rip-off of Fallen (1998), which happens to be a very good film. So if the premise interests you, check Fallen out.

Entertainment Value: 3* - If you like really cheesy horror movies, then you might find this worth your time. Otherwise, steer clear and find something else to watch for an hour and half.

My Score: 3+2+3+3 = 11/4 = 2.75

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Reviewed by movieman_kev 3 / 10

Another Asylum film to get a theatrical release after this one? Don't hold your breath

The latest (as of 3/23/13) in a seemingly unending constant stream of films from The Asylum to become readily available on Instant Netflix, also happens to be the first of the movie studio prolific output of (mostly mind-numbingly atrocious) crap to receive a theatrical release.

So is this generic 'body-hopping dead serial killer attacks teens at camp' really worthy of not going straight-to-DVD? No don't be silly, it's an Asylum movie. I feel sad that you felt the need to ask that silly hypothetical question. 30 Rock star, Katrina Bowden is the only reason it probably did. However it's far from the worst of their films. And I (shock, horror) even found myself being mildly entertained at times.

My Grade: D+

Eye Candy: Erin Marie Hogan bares T&A at 25 minutes in and again at 33. Meanwhile, Lisa Younger (in a slightly less pleasant way) at 48 minutes in, also gets topless

Reviewed by Dawn Jackson 1 / 10

Don't Hold Your Breath, Close Your Eyes

Instead of Hold Your Breath it should have been titled Close Your Eyes...yes folks, it was *that* bad. Some of the lines of dialog were absolutely hilarious though I am quite sure they weren't meant to be. I'll never see bobcats or sandpaper in the quite the same way again.

The actors attempts at actually acting were quite painful to watch and it would appear that most of them all used the same dentist as a majority of them had teeth that closely resembled chiclets.

The entire premise of this ridiculous film was flawed from the beginning but I won't try and explain why this movie was so awful and in so many ways as I am currently trying to erase it from my memory and forget that I ever watched it. Avoid this one at all costs.

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