Holding the Man


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
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Guy Pearce as Dick Conigrave
Sarah Snook as Pepe Trevor
Geoffrey Rush as Barry
Kerry Fox as Mary Gert Conigrave
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ekeby 8 / 10

Not easily done...

...showing the story of two teenagers through to their early 30s. Both the book and movie were unknown to me, so I came at this without expectations. This movie succeeds with material that is very familiar--if not overly familiar--to gay men like myself. That in itself is quite an accomplishment.

What starts out as a simplistic story of high school romance becomes an epic tale spun out for 127 minutes. I was surprised by the honesty of the story, and surprised that the two lead actors could seamlessly--and convincingly--go from teenagers to adults. It is not easy to take everyday events and stitch them up into an epic. This movie does that, and it does it well.

If I had known the plot in advance, I probably wouldn't have gone near this film with a 10-foot pole. I'm glad I didn't know because I would have missed a really good movie.

If you're young and gay and want to get an accurate look at what life was like for us in the '70s and '80s, this is the movie to see. For Americans, that it's set in Australia is irrelevant; the story was the same.

Reviewed by robischiffman 10 / 10

Well worth the wait

I was given the book by a friend from Australia in about '97,I have read it countless times through the years.

I never thought anyone would be able to bring the story to the screen, as Tim had written a remarkable story.

Finally seeing the movie, I can only say that it does indeed do the book justice. No movie can wholly compete with a brilliant and beautifully crafted book, the best it can hope to do is convey the story and the spirit of the book - this movie does just that.

I fell in love with John and Tim all over again, 19 years later. The love they shared, the pain they endured both John's physical and Tim's emotional came back to me as emotionally as it had in the book. (I wept through the end of the book) Was my emotional response a reaction to the movie on it's own, or in part to the memory of the book? I do not know. I do know that Craig Stott's portrayal of John was, for me, spot on, as was Ryan Corr's portrayal of Tim. The story, the spirit and the essence of these two beautiful men is definitely captured and resonate through this film.

Reviewed by Paul Creeden 10 / 10

Cheers, from America

This thoughtful adaptation of Tim Conigrave's autobiography parallels events in my own life here in the U.S, though I am 10 years older than the characters portrayed. As a hospice nurse during the AIDS epidemic, as a person living with AIDS, as the life partner of a man living with AIDS still, I found this memoir perhaps a most personal and least embellished representation of gay male relationships before and during the HIV epidemic's height.

From a critical viewpoint, I admire the actors of great international stature who put in roles which enhanced the story without intruding upon it. Well done. I felt their sincere support of the project from their performances. I don't know that American actors would have been able to do so.

I applaud the portrayal of the devastation of disease on loving relationships and affection between long-time partners. The portrayal of anticipation of separation by death, in contrast to the earlier youthful separation over sexual desires was very poignant. The sensitivity of the film cuts through the stereotypes of male Australian culture beautifully without being sappy.

As a person who has survived HIV for 32 years with many ups and downs, I usually avoid films about the AIDS epidemic like the plague itself. When my partner recommended it to me, I flinched. However, I would have missed a rare emotional experience if I had let it pass me by. Thank you, Tim Conigrave and all who have brought his work to us.

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