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Lorenza Izzo as Jean
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Michael Gross as Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iamtherobotman 1 / 10

Ideal for Insomniacs

So as the Title suggests this is an Anthology of "Horror" based around "Holidays". Erm, now the struggle to actually write something about it. Well, first off, the majority of the segments aren't "Holidays", more "Celebratory occasions". Secondly, don't waste your time watching this.

The majority of them seemed more like a teaser or trailer for Films, rather than complete stories as there was no real conclusion to the majority of them, they were left somewhat ambiguous in nature. I apologise for the tone of this review but i'm not long finished watching this and i'm honestly left wondering if what i watched was some kind of April Fools joke or if it was a genuine attempt at an Anthology type Film.

First we had an odd segment about Valentines day and a loner girl who had a crush on her PE Teacher. More of a teaser than anything, it seemed extremely amateurish.

There then followed segments on St Patricks day, snakes and pregnancy with an attempt at humour. then a poorly scripted and even worse segment about Easter and some Hybrid of the Easter Bunny and Jesus.... Then some women who get Pregnant every time she has sex, insisting her Boyfriend wears 2 or even 3 condoms. I think by this point i'd all but given up on it to be honest.

One on fathers day came next...Erm, yeah. Just don't bother with this Film, honestly. I can't think of anything positive to say about it. It's almost as though a Film Studio had a spare £100 sitting about and decided to make an Anthology. it's that bad and that cheap. If you like absolute garbage then by all means knock yourself out and watch this utter trash, otherwise save yourself the torture i endured and do something enjoyable.

This is beyond a shadow of a doubt in the worst 5 Films i've ever seen.....and i've seen some horrifically bad Films.

Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

The Horror ...

So it isn't that easy to make an Anthology after all. That's one of the "positive" things you can take from watching this. If you're mean you could even argue that SyFy has done better feature length movies than most of the shorts being on display here. One thing is for certain: there is not much to cherish to be found here.

And it's a shame, because it did sound cool. Kevin Smith alone doing a short sounds great. But then again, I guess even he was either too busy with other stuff or somehow else occupied. Maybe something else happened, you never know, except you do know where the short stories are going. And almost none of them actually can create a mood, a tension, a story or anything else substantial to hold the viewers attention. There are some neat effects (the Easter Bunny story comes to mind) and occasionally a bit of quality that seems to shine through a story. But in the end, it's more like "whatever" and "why did I watch this again?" feelings that overwhelmingly win and leave you befuddled

Reviewed by janiecerborens 1 / 10


The word sucks comes to mind. Have you ever watched some of the older Amicus anthologies or Creepshow? Don't expect anything close. This must have been a high school film project or maybe it was a favor to another actor's kid. These are the shortest stories ever that don't resolve or explain anything, just keep you hanging. Perhaps the episode where the young woman finds the tape deck would be interesting. Nope. I even fast forwarded to the end because of all the blah blah. I get to the end. Surely some explanation here. Nope.There's a guy in a chair, looks,like a monster? What happened?!?! I'm finding it difficult to come up with enough lines for this bad anthology or else I can't post this review.

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