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Kaley Cuoco as Sam O'Hare
James Marsden as Fred O'Hare
Hugh Laurie as E.B.'s Dad
Elizabeth Perkins as Bonnie O'Hare
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ptb-8 3 / 10

Hop away....quick.

HOP is a really lazy and lousy film. While technically amazing HOP is filled with unfinished scenes, unfulfilled moments, characters who amount to nothing, silly dumb scenes that go nowhere and worst of all the tediously unfunny Russell Brand. I have no clue as to why he is being promoted as funny or interesting. I find his work really annoying. The visuals with CGI bunnies and the Easter Island Wonka factory is fun but it all continually falls short of amounting to anything. Clever casting with appealing James Marsden helps but his family scenes are uniformly weak, and play like bad 60s TV scenes we all groaned about in the original Bewitched. Overall HOP is a huge disappointment made irritating by boring Brand. A real missed opportunity, made infuriating by the sitcom style and the go nowhere script and hopeless character development. All that technical expertise and THIS is all they do with it. That is lazy and cynical film making as if bundling shiny ribbon together is all that is needed. I went with a 4 year old and she (like others in the cinema) just became bored.

Reviewed by disseminatedfm 9 / 10

Nice to have movies actually for kids

You know it sort of annoys me that people bag on movies like Hop but get all excited about things like Kung Fu Panda, Rango and Despicable Me. This is a movie made for kids and besides my 4 year old and all the other kids in the theater laughing, dancing and clapping in sheer amazement, I must say I chuckled pretty hard several times. Sure the script and acting is not going to win any SAG awards but I always evaluate how movies execute on what they are trying to accomplish. If you can appreciate a good zombie movie then you probably get my point.

At any rate as a parent after seeing Rango I pretty much had decided that navigating movies to entertain your kids is a challenge now. Everyone tries to be so clever and impress adults and really that is not the point of kids movies. Don't get me wrong we don't shelter our daughter (her favorite movies are Star Wars, original of course) but a lot of stuff out there is just boring to kids.

Nothing original??? Really. Please refer me to the other movies where the world of the Easter Bunny was so magically created like Santa's workshop the way Hop executed on it...

Well at any rate parents feel safe bringing your kids to Hop and knowing that they will most likely enjoy it. It's my 4 year old's new favorite so for that it gets 9 stars.

Reviewed by DarkVulcan29 ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Don't HOP too far.

I am glad, finally a holiday comedy about Easter, and like Garfield and Scooby Doo, It mixes live action with CGI animation. Now I really liked the animation, the Easter Bunnys warehouse where they make candy for Easter is the most awesome thing since Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory. Not to mention Hugh Laurie, Russell Brand, and Hank Azaria voice there characters perfectly, and provide much of the films humor.

Now the live action was not as funny, at times James Marsden slips by with a funny line. but other than that it's all pretty stale. Even David Hasselhoff making fun of himself, hasn't he done enough of that already. I know what they are trying to do, a Santa Clause, but with Easter. And they did alright, but they could have done a little better.

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