Hot Pursuit


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 40278


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Sofía Vergara as Daniella Riva
John Carroll Lynch as Captain Emmett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nathanielleedonnelly 10 / 10

F**k them movie critics, f**k them Haters, f**k Rotten Tomatoes, F**k whoever else said this Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vergara movie was awful

Hot Pursuit is a buddy/criminal cop comedy that you'll love including Reese Witherspoon fans & Sofia Vergara fans as well. From the time I saw the trailer the first time, I was thinking oh man this movie is gonna be funny as hell just from the looks of it. When it came out on DVD, my mom rented it from Redbox and through out the freaking movie I was laughing my head off so hard that my eyes started watering. I'll be honest hot Pursuit is a movie I recommend to all Reese Witherspoon fans & Sofia Vergara fans or to anyone that has a crush on Witherspoon or Vergara you must see so if have nothing else to do, rent it or buy it to watch cause I haven't laughed that hard since the 2007 comedy The Simpsons Movie

And as for movie critics go don't listen cause they don't know comedy

Reviewed by pleasantcow 1 / 10

Just Don't

Dear Lord. I don't usually write reviews. But I had to this time to stop you from wasting even a moment of your life. Just stop! Don't watch it. It's like you're telling your ancestors that you don't care what they went through to get us to where we are today. It's awful. Awful. If your girlfriend or wife is still saying, "it can't be that bad."...leave them...forever. Nothing about this movie is redeemable. Nothing. Please for the love of anything pure...don't press play! I know there's nothing about the actual film in my review...and that's because there's nothing to review. Please...for the sake of your children and our future as a species...don' not! play.

It's just SO bad...anyone who actually gave this more than a star..must be related to someone who worked on it.

Please help us all if this is where cinema is heading.

Reviewed by Deviator-4 1 / 10

I forgot movies could be this bad.

I didn't expect much and I was let down anyway. Sitting alone and staring at a wall would have been more enjoyable than watching Reese Witherspoon feign awkwardness as joke after joke fell flat.

There is a painfully interminable fight scene where two characters fight over a gun that bounces all over a hotel room. It was supposed to be funny, I guess. This sedative of a movie refused to give me a single genuine laugh. I think I chuckled at some point during the movie, but can't remember when. It was a mild chuckle, at best, and not worth the time to recall it.

Every single scene that was supposed to be emotional felt forced. You know that scene in buddy comedies when the characters realize they kind of like each other? This movie has that scene. The characters start laughing and sharing personal information for no reason. They have no reason to like each other and neither one says anything funny, yet the scene is added anyway.

One boring scene after another streams along and they are followed by more boring paint-by-numbers "buddy comedy" scenes. I hope the actresses got new houses or something from their paychecks. At least then someone will have been rewarded for slogging through this bog of blandness. Avoid this movie at all costs--even if you face divorce for refusing to watch this film with your spouse, choose a life of loneliness. It'll be worth it.

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