Hot Pursuit


Action / Comedy / Crime


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Sofía Vergara as Daniella Riva
John Carroll Lynch as Captain Emmett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mistoppi 8 / 10

Entertaining action comedy

This movie caught my eye a while back, and when I was browsing through DVDs to rent, I decided to finally watch this. It seemed interesting - an action comedy with two amazing ladies starring. Female led comedies are really fun most of the time, and female led action comedies will always be so much fresher than their male counterparts.

The plot of the movie is really thrilling and exciting. Of course the patterns are typical: the two main characters are trying to get away from two bad guys, who still show up all the time and the main characters never seem to get rid of them. That's all very predictable, you can always tell that the two bad guys are going to show up at the worst moment possible. Still the story had amazing and clever twists I did not see coming. Of course there are some weaknesses to the plot. There was that forced romance between Witherspoon's character and the... Did that character even have a name? Nobody needed that!

I love the leading actresses in this movie. I've seen Witherspoon in some romantic comedy once while I was in a plane, but I've always wanted to see Legally Blonde, I don't know why I still haven't. And Sofia Vergara is magnificent in Modern Family, and I really loved her in Machete Kills.

Hot Pursuit is an entertaining action comedy. It's definitely worth a watch, although I will say this: it could've been gayer.

Reviewed by michael-3204 2 / 10

The Reese & Sophia Debacle

Inane, inept buddy comedy with too few laughs to sustain its borderline offensive story about a high-strung cop (Reese Witherspoon) trying to protect a witness (Sophia Vergara) who is supposed to testify against a drug lord. A film like this sinks or floats on the chemistry between its leads, since it doesn't have anything else going for it, and unfortunately Witherspoon and Vergara don't have much. They aren't helped by the weak screenplay or the flat direction. This looks like a slightly raunchier network TV sit-com. The clunky, uninspired action sequences never generate any excitement and serve to illustrate that its leads are not particularly gifted physical comedians. The humor is infantile and thoughtless, which might have been okay if it wasn't all stale about a decade ago.

Those hoping, as I was, for Witherspoon to return to form headlining a truly engaging and funny comedy -- something we all know she can do superbly -- will have to wait a while longer. The most interesting thing about this movie is trying to figure out what made anyone. especially Witherspoon, think it was a project worth spending time and energy on.

Reviewed by wingstephanie 10 / 10

Bloody Hilarious

I don't know why people are giving this such bad review, Its Comedy, its supposed to be ridiculous.

i had tears coming out my eyes from laughing so hard while watching this. It was amazingly funny, i haven't laughed like this in a long time, and i never looked at this until it viewed on cable for all the low ratings it got.

just goes to show you got to make up your mind for your self, not everyone likes the same things, But I loved it, Im sure I will watch again. Reese is extremely funny and I've never seen Eva in anything, yes, I've never watched any of her stuff, but she was hilarious.

I would recommend this movie, its a good slap stick belly jerking good time.

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