House at the End of the Street


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by We Watched A Movie 5 / 10

Not a horror film.

So here we are with The Last House on the Left. Sorry, I meant House at the End of the Street. Whatever. Can we start by having a serious talk with the guy picking movie names? He is really slacking off. We are here with Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her Mom (Elisabeth Shue) moving from the big city to a small town looking for a new start. Of-course, the house next door was apparently the location of a double murder where a little girl killed her parents and then disappeared herself. The little girl's brother (Max Thieriot) still lives in the home despite the tragedy. The adults hate him because his presence keeps them from bulldozing the house and its drain on the local housing market and the teenagers hate him because his parents were murdered? There really is no explanation for this other than everyone in this town is apparently a jerk. (Just go with it. That's the best were going to get.) Elissa starts to fall for Ryan and also has a hard time understanding the massive hate he gets when her mom and the neighborhood object to their relationship. But whether it for protecting the good or serving the forces of evil, Ryan has secrets of his own and as the two get close things begin to get creepy. (Allegedly)

Minus a few jump scares that I'm not afraid to admit made me drop my popcorn due to some sharp sound editing; this is no horror flick. HATES was advertised as scary business to get the target teenage audience' butts in the seats but is merely a Suspense/Thriller with young leads. With the exception of a single twist that will shock some and slightly nudge others everything is played rather straight. There's not much new to see here and there is certainly nothing to be scared of. Even after the true evil is finally revealed, there just doesn't seem to be much of a threat at any point.

HATES is still indeed, watchable. That's mostly due to Jennifer Lawrence who shines bright amidst all the average. It's impressive how she takes something as boring as a high school girl falling for the "mysterious guy with a past", adds heart and makes it more interesting than it was written. When in danger she's believably strong willed and could be the perfect "Scream Queen" for a horror film deserving of it. Elisabeth Shue played the part of concerned mother well and Max Thieriot didn't detract either. The problems with the film are rather in its constant plot holes and lack of anything interesting, original or more importantly scary for a film that calls itself Horror.

Reviewed by denza-476-692755 7 / 10

HATES is a solid thriller

**Alert: Spoilers Included**

I watched an advanced press screening for this film, and I have to say it was not the dead-girl-haunts-house horror story I was expecting, which turned out to be a very good thing. FYI: This one's more thriller than horror.

There's no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence makes this movie. The rest of the characters are underdeveloped and one-dimensional and it becomes difficult at times to separate Jenn in this role from her role in the Hunger Games.

For about half of the film, we're led to believe that the little girl locked away is a rabid serial killer. However, there is a HUGE plot twist at the end --one that is smarter and scarier than the standard horror fare we're used to.

With that said, the first half of the film drags (do we really care about Jenn's rock concert practices?) but certain parts are mysterious enough for viewers to put in the effort to connect the dots.

If you're a Jennifer Lawrence fan or love Criminal Minds/Law and Order SVU, check this movie out. If you're looking for a haunted house movie, you've clicked on the wrong flick.

As for me, I was pleasantly surprised!

Reviewed by yourwarmembrace 3 / 10

Dumbed down thriller ripe for TV

I have to admit that there are two or three good jump sequences but there was no real payoff in the end. Nickelodeon does Psycho, Sleepaway Camp and maybe a touch of Kiss the Girls. It was not as bad nor as comical as The Possession and with that, this one perhaps takes itself too seriously. If this movie ever had an R rating then I assure you that all the best bits are on the cutting room floor. The editing is too quick and visually plays it much too safe. This one is up there with My Soul To Take in the disappointment factor. Complete cheese on toast for anyone not in High School. The acting was not terrible but there was just nothing to act on.

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