House of Last Things


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 4326


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Lindsey Haun as Kelly
RJ Mitte as Tim
Blake Berris as Jesse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jack meisner 8 / 10

not what I expected but good

What makes a good genre film for me is if the director and writer, in this case one and the same, can immerse me believably into a world I haven't walked before, enough in fact for me to turn off my cell phone. This movie is very seductive in that it doesn't play out within the tired cliché of a creepy old house and keeps you guessing throughout, building something like a narrative maze not unlike the famous Kubrick garden maze in The Shining. However, I don't think it's really fair or correct to compare this director with his obvious linage, Hitchcock, Lynch, DePalma, etc. as mentioned by so many other reviewers. This is a director with a mind of his own, quite willing to go his own way inside a genre that has been sabotaged over the years by too many under-schooled directors flooding the screen with blood and gore indiscriminately. This one surprised me. Much better than I expected.

Reviewed by d-curry13 10 / 10

Discovery of Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival 2013!

The House of Last Things was for my feeling the superior cinema of the Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival 2013! I know from other audience people that I am not singular with this evaluation. As I think back on the many films showing, it is this image of this dreamy film that I am always returning to in my memory. It is a bizarre and beautiful story that captures the truthful essence of what I believe fantastic cinema should be. The acting was very convincing and it was extra special to see the boy from the TV show Breaking Bad in his first movie. I hope it plays in many festivals and I want to find the DVD when it is released to the public audience. Thank you to the Gerardmer festival for this surprise!

Reviewed by hortonstrip 8 / 10

sad reviews

Not sure how i came across this particular film, whether it was recommended by a friend or found on an IMDb list, but I would like to point out that i am NOT a friend or family member of the film maker, and just spent nearly two hours watching a great film, quite by chance.

Then i came here and read all these terrible reviews, probably from people that think that Die Hard is the pinnacle of intelligent film making. Calling it Lynchian would be unfair to the film maker - only David Lynch is allowed to be Lynchian, anyone else getting that description is usually a pile of crap! Having said that there were definite Lynch moments, although more often than not it reminded me very much of Luis Buñuel more than anyone.

The main thing i found interesting about this was the editing and the way it wafted in between characters / scenarios / continents with the help of a little light classical. These tricks have occasionally been done before, but like i said, not so much since the days of surrealism. They were certainly refreshing for a modern flick, and were effective and occasionally disturbing.

To all the people who talked this interesting film down - there is more than one way to tell a story, it doesn't always have to be literal, and i guess that you're perhaps too stupid to appreciate something more impressionistic? Good luck with the next intallment of Harry Potter.

And thanks to the film maker, can't wait for your next one, or the one after - am fairly sure you have at least one masterpiece in you, maybe more.

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