How to Be Single


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
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Dakota Johnson as Alice
Alison Brie as Lucy
Rebel Wilson as Robin
Leslie Mann as Meg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peachtellsyouwhattowatch 7 / 10

I expected worse and actually got a good time.

A mixed cast out of established actors and "Newcomers" aka. "Isn't that the guy from (insert show-name here)" loosens up the mood and gives the general idea that the movie doesn't take itself too serious. Creative details like glowing numbers on bottles and texts in the air also contribute to this.

Furthermore, multiple laugh out loud-moments. Which is always a plus!Rebel Wilson is hilarious. Everybody has to agree at least on that.

Surprisingly not the most stereotypical cheesy wannabe perfect life- ending. A deeper meaning in said ending compliments the movie as a whole, without coming over as forced.

Of course movies like that always sort of have this fakeness about them. I mean, everybody knows that you could never be able to afford this huge apartment in NYC nor experience a love story like that. But you don't watch these films to get realistic life-reviews. You want to simply look at pretty people partying, doubting existence and having sex. In a not weird way of course. "How to be single" will provide you with all three, without making you gag over the silly tackiness.

Reviewed by thomasrafferty 4 / 10

Avoid at all costs

It's risky to title a movie like a self-help book, because the audience may actually expect to learn something by watching the story unfold. The bad news is, if you're seriously looking for a guide on how to be a single lady, you'd gain more by listening to Beyonce.

'How to be Single' centres around Alice, played by Dakota Johnson ('Fifty Shades of Grey'), and her transition into post-breakup life in New York City. Once she arrives at her new job she becomes fast friends with Rebel Wilson ('Pitch Perfect'), a guru on the single way of life. This involves a lot of partying, drinking, and waking up in random people's bedrooms, all to a soundtrack of Izzy Azalea and Taylor Swift. You get the picture.

Romcom staple Leslie Mann plays Alice's older and supposedly wiser sister. This character goes from hating children to booking herself a sperm-donor online, in the space of about a week. Another subplot, which has very little to do with the main story, involves Alison Brie ('Community') who is also looking for love in the Big Apple. Instead of the partying/one-night-stand formula, she devises an online dating algorithm to find the perfect man, with some pretty bad results.

The central message of the plot is confusing, and changes throughout the film. The protagonists develop relationships with around fifteen men between them, which becomes quite hard to keep track of, and also leaves us wondering whether any of the women are ever truly single for more than a day at a time.

The trailer for this movie does a good job of making it look like a decent enough comedy. Rebel Wilson has to be given credit for some of her one-liners and stunts, but the big problem is that the few jokes from the advert are by far the best in the whole script. The rest of the time, there's a truckload of weak, over sexualised jokes that just don't serve their purpose. In other words, if the trailer doesn't make you laugh, the full 2 hour feature may just make you cry. If you do end up seeing this, a good way to make yourself laugh is to imagine you're watching one of those 'bad lip reading' videos. The dialogue in many of the scenes is quite literally on that same level of obscurity.

At this time of year, cinemas are chock-full of Oscar nominated films that work hard to deliver you quality entertainment. Amongst them, this sticks out like a sore thumb. I did my best to enjoy this movie, because it does try to be funny. But like your uncle who tries to stay hip and relevant by using Facebook, the results are cringeworthy and frankly, a little bit creepy.

Reviewed by Vladimir Djurdjevic 1 / 10

Such a sad movie

My God, what a terrible movie. I know that I shouldn't have high standards when it comes to rom-coms, and trust me mine are super low, but this one hits rock bottom. It is so condescending and sexist that I had a real hard time watching it to the end (I've watched it with a couple of friends so that made me stay). I can actually enjoy trashy films that are so terrible that they are awesome, but this one actually tries to make a point and it fails miserably. The writing is terrible, the acting is terrible, even New York can't help it (and that says a lot). If you are looking for a rom-com, do yourself a favor and skip this one. And then send me a "Thank you" note for those 90 minutes of your life that would gone to waste (plus millions of brain cells you would lose in the process).

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