How to Murder Your Wife


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Jack Lemmon as Stanley Ford
Mary Wickes as Harold's Secretary
Jack Albertson as Dr. Bentley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mwwhitefl 9 / 10

Cartoonish, and I Mean that in a Good Sense

Jack Lemmon is at his comedy best, in the genre of some like it hot, while his gorgeous co-star here is not Marilyn but Italian Virna Lisi beckons all of us to speak Italian.

She cooks, she kisses, she cooks .......all while looking like the best of Gina Lolabrigida and Marilyn Monroe wrapped in silk (the white dress in the party scene is breathtaking).

The Classic Terri Thomas shows once again his comedic under used genius as the English genteel butler. The court testimony of Terri is almost worth the film.

Jack Lemmon goes on to make so many great films while we are left to Italian dubs of Virna best. She has had a stellar career in Italy as she has ages oh so gracefully. At 68 she is still a babe. Virna and Sophia as a 70 year old women show the pure glory of womanhood.

With How to Murder Your Wife I laugh, I lust and I so enjoy the early sixties social comedy films that are absent Rock Hudson.

Reviewed by mdantonio 10 / 10

Entertaining and enjoyable comedy

This is an excellent and underrated movie that deserves accolades. Sure, it had a great cast and I feel that Lemmon was at his best, naturally using his acting skills and not so much yelling with force as some of his other comedies. What most everyone fails to mention in the comments is the incredible skill of Virna Lisi. She is a natural mixing it up with Lemmon, Tevor and the other veterans like she had been making movies for years. I have watched many movies in my day and I must say that Virna Lisi is right at the top, not only in beauty and sexuality but in carrying her role as good as anyone else could have. Ms. Lisi, my hat is off to you.

Reviewed by geoff-161 10 / 10

Great fun.

Neil Hefti's music is wonderful. He parodies spy thrillers and sex comedies in one clever score. He uses horns for the sex farce and echoes of the same horns for the spy parody. Simply brilliant.

I saw this movie when it came out and I remember more details than any movie I've seen. It made an amazing impression on me - at age 14. I was fascinated by the NY townhouse with that tiny front door right next to the single car garage with the electronic opener. Then there's the glopita glopita machine and the world's most powerful remote control.

And, today, it is still as funny as ever. Terry Thomas as the butler and on screen narrator is bragging away about his all-male world, when... Virna Lisi arrives as Mrs. Ford.

I know that many think it is an unadulterated attack on women, wives, and marriages. But, in an odd sort of way it lays bare the reality of human relationships. Everyone in every relationship that has lasted over the years has fantasized about killing the other person. It isn't a fantasy we want to come true. We've all thought at one time or another, "I'll kill myself and that will show'em!" Remember, that, at every step of the way it is clear that Mr. Ford loves Mrs. Ford - Bash lays Mrs. Brannigan on the bed, covers her with a blanket, and kisses her just as he's off on his caper to murder her.

It is certainly one true that the movie is dated as are 50's and 60's sex farces. But, the thing about this one is that it is so clever and it goes to such extremes even with the title. "How to Murder Your Wife." Indeed! But part of the fun of this movie is that it is so unpredictably predictable. We want to suspend disbelief for this movie. We want to laugh along.

It is said that this is one of Jack Lemmon's favorite movies - except for the murder trial. Funny thing is I thought the trial set the perfect notes for this farcical send-up of male fantasies.

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