Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom


Animation / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1116


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Ron Perlman as Shoggoth
Jane Curtin as Algid Bunk
Doug Bradley as Nyarlathotep
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rugalck 2 / 10

Not worth watching. 3/10

As a 30 year old man I like to watch the movies my nephew is gonna watch later, so I know he's not watching some stuff that's not for kids. Then I saw "Lovecraft" in the title and I was like "wow... really? Gotta watch this, maybe it's not 100% for kids".

Sadly, I was wrong, it's a movie targeted 100% for kids. So:

1.- Yes, totally safe for kids, let them watch it and stuff. 2.- CHEAPEST animation I've seen in YEARS. As awful as the bad 3D models you've seen in DisneyXD on their pilot episodes. 3.- Keeping item 1 in mind, as it is for kids, it feels like an insult to the Lovecraft stories, which are definitely not for kids.

Reviewed by Rainy-3 2 / 10

The acting is on par with an 8th grade stage play.

I have seen 8th graders perform Shakespeare with more talent than the actors in this movie. It is truly painful to watch The story is just mediocre, and it feels written in one evening by a hack who read a Lovecraft story two days ago and got an itch to write about it. The animation is about on the level of a cheap computer animated kids show,making shows like Shimmer and Shine look worthy of Academy Awards. This is a true waste of time. If you have any respect for Lovecraft, don't watch this. If you don't, still do not watch this. Anything that might encourage anoth3r one of these movies is an insult to movie creators and movie lovers everywhere.

Reviewed by Ip Deep 8 / 10

Underrated dark fantasy animation movie

Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom is a story about true friendship. I'm fan of dark fantasy animation and also H.P. Lovecraft fan. Story takes us into parallel universe where all kind of strange creatures exist. Main character is little boy who is trying to complete task given by his father to cure him from madness. I find this movie very underrated. Yes, animation looks little clumsy in some parts, but all in all movie is satisfying. Lesson of the story is to be aware that evil people can be disguised as damsel in distress. What's more important to not judge someone by their appearance nor to judge them by what other people say about them.

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