Hyena Road


Action / Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SusanShop 10 / 10

An outstanding portrayal about the war in Afghanistan

Paul Gross has written an amazing story, using Canada's involvement in the Afghanistan wars, as the vehicle. As a Canadian I couldn't help but be drawn into the events that occurred in the film. I have no doubt that, while the story and characters are fictional, the feelings and actions are real. Gross' ability to intertwine the politics of the Afghanistan people, the requirements of our military contingent, and the costs of war were exceedingly well done. I want to acknowledge the military presence of all the European countries and the United States who were there as well, and I can imagine that similar situations occurred. Paul Gross is Canadian and this film is definitely a Canadian perspective. You have to see this film.

Reviewed by mother-8 10 / 10

the first and last canuck war epic

Paul Gross made an OK war film with his first feature Paschendale - but with Hyenna Road he has take a great leap forward. The story revolves around a sniper company in Afghanastan -- they're good at what they do and think they understand the moral complexities of war. To them it's a black and white, right or wrong endeavor - little do they know how wrong their assessment is -- Gross forgoes the normal tropes of war films and introduces us to the new, complex and nuanced realities of the fight - and boy what a fight it is -- The action sequences are a genre junkies wet dream but they come suffused with moral complexity and nuanced performances from a wonderful cast of largely unknown actors. For the nationalist there is of course Paul Gross as his usual Captain Canada and there are wonderful cameos from Alan Hawco (Republic of Doye) and the great unsung Clarke Johnson (Homicide) though it is (stage actress) Christine Horne who steal our hearts and makes this a five hankie film.

Hyenna Road should be on every school syllabus and reminds us - like Gross's previous work - just what it is to be Canadian. That said, an international audience will find it appealing as an action flick and for the counter-point it provides to American Sniper.

I saw the gala at the Toronto film festival an urge all to -- GO SEE IT - when it opens in their town.

Reviewed by briantaylor-26472 10 / 10

Excellent War Movie

Well done to Paul Gross and the cast of Hyena Road for creating an authentic Canadian war movie. Being a Canadian Army officer, I had to go see this one in the theater. It was an opportune time as I was able to go with my son, a 2nd year economics student home on his Fall break.

The movie was entertaining, emotional and educational. Hyena Road weaves the perspectives of war fighters into an telling story of the character of the Canadian experience in Kandahar Province. It keeps you engaged throughout with a mix of action, soldiering and the very human dimension to conflict.

"Inside the wire, we think about what to do outside the wire. We get it wrong fifty percent of the time which means we get it right the other fifty percent of the time" and " We have to remember that the end state is not for children to fly kites" were themes that stuck with us as we drove away from the theater.

Thanks Paul,

Major Brian Taylor, Canadian Army

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