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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Albert Nikanorov 7 / 10

The Fastest Man Alive

In terms of personality, Bolt is the greatest. It's sounds like a bit cliché to connect these two words: Bolt and greatest. It seems to me that's enough just to say Bold.

He is the definition of what it's like to be bold guy who won the Olympics nine times! Did you hear me? Nine times!

In real life, at least if you watched both documentaries about him, he is the next door guy. His way of laughing, joking, making fun of his couch, and chatting with his friends, he is the ordinary guy. He is like my friends I'm hanging out. Really!

But man, you are watching nine times champion of Olympic games. Impressive to see why are greatest the great and it isn't because of their ego, it's all because you have done something in this World. No matter how big or small, just keeping the eye on your aim and do anything to make it happen.

There were few truly inspirational moments in this movie.My opinion is the documentary is a failure how they covered the fastest man alive. Rating 7/10 I gave for the documentary, Bolt himself has always been 10/10!

Reviewed by Iain Shearer 9 / 10

I finally appreciate his brilliance

I have been a Usain Bolt fan in the sense that I am happy for him, and athletics with his success.

But to see the stumbles he has had, the times he has lost races, and the challenges of remaining motivated gave me an appreciation for his 9 gold medals.

This documentary shows us his modest lifestyle (minus the gold sports car), his desire to enjoy life as a normal person would, and the quality humans surrounding him. His agent, manager (childhood friend) and coach.

It follows his 3 olympics in chronological order, interlaced with his preparation for this year's olympics.

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