I Am Soldier


Action / Thriller / War

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Miranda Raison as Stella
Noel Clarke as Carter
Tom Hughes as Mickey
Alex Reid as Dawn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Sounders 1 / 10

Just a waste of time

I didn't expect much but for some unknown reason wanted to give it a go after reading a handful of positive reviews.

The movie starts out OK, with a pretty decent depiction of the SAS selection, some even shot on location in Hereford but then "Mickey" receive his beret and its all downhill from there (about last 10 minutes of the movie). Skipping years of following jungle training, arctic training etc he is thrown straight into action when Carters team is ordered to take down a terrorist cell, complete with some hand-held nuke/dirty bomb gizmo...

The assault is so unprofessional and uninterestingly filmed that I first thought it must be some kind of training but no. I was left with a feeling of "What just happened?" It was like somebody had throw in some action shot by some high-school-YouTube-home-movie-makers at the end after the filming had ended and it made it through the distribution process without anyone noticing.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 6 / 10

I am Soldier: basically a nice film

Although here and there it surely reminds of other movies and although some footage leans towards TV quality, this film is essentially nice.

It's the story of an initiation and even if you never fancied of enrolling yourself in an elite corp you can't help but empathizing with the young man nicely depicted by writer/director Ronnie Thompson and nicely played by Tom Hughes.

You won't truly believe the story and in the end you won't be left with any moral lesson, have learned something new or deepened any knowledge you already had. The girl (beautiful actress Alex Reid) however is attractive, Noel Clarke plays a catching Staff Sergeant Carter and if your expectations are not excessively high you'll feel nicely entertained.

Reviewed by Viktor Vedmak (realvedmak) 1 / 10

Very Unrealistic Fantasy about SAS

Whoever wrote this crap is either delusional or really sucks at writing propaganda movies.

Movie is basically about SAS recruitment process, except everything was left out but the torture porn part making it look like SAS just enjoy sexually abusing and torturing all potential recruits. As I never joined SAS I have no idea if they in fact are that demented and weird, but even if they are I doubt they would really want to publicly represent themselves in such manner.

So, after being tortured and being extremely happy about it, protagonist participates on some raid against Bosnian Muslim extremists and performs better than Rambo. He is about 5 feet tall, guys he is fighting are about 7 feet tall and 400 pounds of pure muscle. He gets hit, just shakes it off, he slaps those brutes, they keel over like he shot them with a shotgun. Bloody ridiculous. Too badly choreographed to even begin to be entertaining.

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