I Believe in Miracles


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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by in-chaos-we-trust 10 / 10

The greatest football film ever made? I think so

Brian Clough...the man, the legend, there aren't enough documentaries or films about the tandem he and Peter Taylor formed...with the absolutely insane achievements they conquered. Absolutely impossible these days...for a team to get promoted, and then win the 1st division league, 2 league cups and 2 UCL is just the stuff dreams are made of, utterly impossible nowadays, exception made for Leicester...maybe, season ain't over yet. So the film tells the story from the main protagonists perspective, holding nothing back in a humorous tone, a journey back in time to the days of The Beautiful Game, where you really didn't need to work so much on tactics, where you could have a drink before the match, play a game after Sunday roast...the good days. An absolute feel good, whether you love football or not.

Reviewed by Clint Sidsaff 8 / 10

If only a miracle like this could happen to them now...

I'll start by saying that I am a Forest fan, and so therefore I am majorly biased. This documentary shows archive footage of those key years in Nottingham Forest's history, which are inter-sped with interviews of those around at the time. If you are a Forest fan then I can't say that you will learn an awful lot from this film, but you will hone your knowledge and have a little bit of fun whilst doing so. The documentary isn't straight... It is full of humour and colours a magical pallet of laughter. An essential for any Forest fan, but if not, then you won't be too bothered. Football doesn't seem to be what it used to be and at this current time Leicester City are composing a miracle in the modern Premier League. Although we'll wait until they win two consecutive European Cups before giving them too many plaudits... They are rivals after all. Oh and... We hate Derby.

Reviewed by Clint Sidsaff - 16/03/2016 - Blu-Ray/DVD Viewing.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 9 / 10

Brian Clough - O.B.E. - Old Big Ed - Legend.

To football fans in the United Kingdom, the name Brian Clough needs no introduction or building up. Thanks to the release of The Damned United in 2009 his name got noticed outside of Britain, I Believe in Miracles is the perfect follow up to that movie, a sort of explanation as to why there has been a film and documentary about the man and his charges.

Director Jonny Owen assembles members of the great Nottingham Forest (always Notingham, never Notts) side of the late 1970s, interviews the key players and gets brilliant anecdotes out of them. Concurrently he offers up archive footage and a bitch funky period musical score. Clough is the leader, whose mantra is not one of assembling super stars, but of actually putting a team of men together and asking them to work hard, believe in themselves and be all that they can be. This is not Hollywood, every inch of this doc is true, no artistic licence here.

The team is a mixture of smokers and jokers, drinkers and jinkers, cloggers and sloggers all responding to Clough's (and his equally important side-kick Peter Taylor) less than normal football training and management methods. Everything here goes against the grain of today's football managers, I mean what manager today would run his men through nettles and then go for a pint with them afterwards?! Players smoking at half time, surely not? Wonderful. This is a true underdog story, a film for footie fans to rejoice in - regardless of who any of us in our tribal leanings support in British football. 9/10

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