I Come in Peace


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Dolph Lundgren as Det. Jack Caine
Matthias Hues as Bad Alien - Talec
Brian Benben as Special Agent Arwood 'Larry' Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EddieMink 10 / 10

Love it

I love this movie. Why?

The reasons are legion. Its just so refreshing to find a sci-fi flick so utterly lacking in pretension, and so deeply committed to doing just one thing perfectly (being entertaining) that I can't help but love it more than many "classic" movies which deserve much more critical kudos.

Dolph Lundgren makes for a very competant hero, and as far as "acting" goes, he does a surprisingly admirable job of making his character far more human and warm than many of his contemporaries could ever manage. Brian Benben is great value as his cocky sidekick, and the supporting cast all pull their weight in a highly inventive and very self aware sci-fi flick which (please!!) will hopefully attain a new life and reputation when it eventually hits DVD.

Reviewed by mm-39 7 / 10

A Masterpiece.......

I like original movies and this one is. The villain arrives at earth to creates drugs from humans. Great concept, and this drug dealer has some nasty weapons too boot. Good story line, with a odd couple teaming up to solve the problem. In the end, this movie is crazy enough for a entertaining 2 hour. Mike's pick I give it a 7!

Reviewed by MetalGeek 8 / 10

"You go in PIECES!"

The tag line on the old VHS box cover of "I Come In Peace" (aka "Dark Angel" if you're outside of the U.S.) pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the movie: "Good Cop. Bad Alien. BIG Trouble." Dolph Lundgren made his mark on the late '80s action B-Film scene in many other movies but for my money "I Come In Peace" remains his best film. It's got everything an action junkie could want: big explosions, car chases, big explosions, gun fights, big explosions, alien encounters, and big explosions. Did I mention the big explosions? Seriously though, "I Come In Peace" may not be a terribly original film (basically it's a buddy-cop action movie bolted together from pieces of "RoboCop," "The Terminator" and "Predator") but it is one heck of a fun ride. Lundgren plays Jack Caine, a tough-as-nails, kick-ass-first-and-ask-questions-later Houston police detective who gets caught up in the midst of an FBI murder investigation after his partner is killed during a failed drug-sting operation. Not only was Caine's partner murdered, but then so were the gangsters who did it -- and by an unknown weapon that seems light years ahead of Earth technology. The viewer already knows that the culprit in these murders is actually a hulking humanoid Alien (played by German actor Matthias Hues, a big nasty looking S.O.B. who dresses like he's in a Scorpions video) who is running around the city, pumping unlucky Earthlings full of stolen heroin and then sucking their brains dry just as they expire. Apparently drug-addled human brain juice is a powerful narcotic wherever this guy comes from. Hues has very little dialogue (basically he repeats the phrase "I come in peace!" over and over again to his hapless victims), but that's OK because it gives the movie more room for the hilarious banter between Caine and Agent Smith (Brian Benben of HBO's late 80s comedy series "Dream On"), a stick-in-the-mud, by-the-book FBI agent Caine is saddled with throughout the investigation. Of course, Caine and Smith start off hating each other's guts but once they discover that their murderer is of extraterrestrial origin, they bond, settle their professional differences, and team up to destroy it. In between, lots of stuff blows up, cars get smashed, people's throats get slit by a flying alien disc weapon that looks a lot like a CD, and more stuff blows up. Seriously, this is one of the most pyrotechnic action movies I've ever seen. I'm not sure what the budget was for this flick but I'm sure a good half of it must've gone to pay for explosives. Then again, director Craig R. Baxley is a former stuntman and stunt coordinator, so he obviously knows a thing or two about crashin' stuff and blowin' it up real good.

In short, "I Come in Peace" is a 24-karat hoot. Unfortunately it's not currently available on DVD here in the U.S. but those of you in other regions can supposedly find it easily on DVD under its alternate title, "Dark Angel." Until the U.S. is blessed with the same luck, used VHS copies can be found pretty much anywhere. Seek and enjoy.

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