I Promised to Pay


Action / Crime / Drama

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Billie Whitelaw as Jackie Parker
Tom Bell as Blackie
Michael Craig as Johnny Mellors
Paddi Edwards as Beryl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GLENN CRESPO 9 / 10

Excellent crime film

Something about this film always stayed in my memory, I saw it in the theater when I was oh, 7 years old and the music, the grittiness and the infighting of the gang were some of the items that jumped out at me. Liked the black and white film and remembered the 4 main character names over the years...it was one of the films I've had the hardest time trying to get and I finally got it and added it to my library. No one gets the money, no one really wins anything, even the character Jackie Parker doesn't get any real revenge, sure she gets even with Johnny but it doens't bring back her husband...never get tired of this film and I would like to see others of the same style made around the time.

Reviewed by paulietheboy 10 / 10

Typically taut British heist movie!

When thieves fall out... somewhat formulaic story admittedly but very well done. Beautifully evocative b&w shots of early 60's Britain - sometimes think things really were b&w in those days. I think Craig is an excellent choice as the brooding Mellors and that Prevost was a much undervalued actress - very cool as the femme fatale.

Some of the "hi tech" stuff which looks so funny now was probably really cutting edge then. Check out the photocopier and the tape player.

This film really does go through some of the clichés but is none the worse off for doing so. It also showcases the overlooked talents of the leads as well as introducing us to Tom Bell, who went on to have a fine career and is best known for being the wry cynical sidekick to Helen Mirren in the excellent Prime Suspect.

Great music too!

Reviewed by mackjay2 9 / 10

Payroll Delivers the Goods

One one level, PAYROLL (1961) is another in the long line of heist films so perfectly initiated by John Huston's THE ASPHALT JUNGLE (1950). At that level, the film holds its own: a British version of the familiar plot concerning a planned robbery, interpersonal conflicts, betrayals, and tragedy. But PAYROLL deserves special mention among the likes of ARMORED CAR ROBBERY (1950), RIFIFI (1955), THE KILLING (1956), ROBBERY (1967) and numerous others. This film has a fast pace and a dynamic directing style all its own. A fantastically exciting film with top-drawer performances by a cast that includes a few names that would achieve greater fame later on. A top-drawer Noir-tinged thriller with a strong sense of fatality, aided by Reg Owen's jazz-inflected music and by stark black & white photography, displaying Newcastle locations to great effect.

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