I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 7%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James
Jack Black as Titus Telesco
Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ray Bronson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Josh-161 10 / 10

messy and contrived

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer surprised me. I could see from the trailer that this second movie would have a different feel to the original (the first being more of a psychological thriller), but still it caught me totally off-guard. I Still Know... took a brave step away from the feel of its predecessor, and dared to be different - which is most probably why so many people disliked it. The opening scene displays a similar amount of emotion and tension that was visible ten minutes into the first movie, but then, in Love Hewitt's own words, the movie "goes crazy". In a good way...

British-born Danny Cannon's directing is top-notch, and his build up of atmosphere and suspense throughout the movie is well-paced. His style and obvious knowledge of Horror movies (as with the original) is a great benefit, and there are quite a few 'jumps' that work well.

With Williamson unwilling to return to script a sequel, my main fear was that the script would be appalling if written by a newcomer. Thankfully, Trey Callaway's script is both inventive and witty, and matches Williamson's style almost seamlessly. Although the characters are not quite as well developed, we are given enough interesting and chilling set pieces to keep things at an entertaining level.

The setting of the deserted tropical island is an inspired idea, and the isolation of the central characters adds much-needed suspense. This smart move helps to bring a new sense of unease and isolation to the film. By now, the overall feeling of unease apparent in the first has dissipated, but the atmosphere of the island is overpowering and the suspense almost unbearable as Ben creeps ever closer to conquering Julie.

Another good point - as with the first I Know... - is that all the characters are genuine and likeable. While they are a little under-developed, what we do see of them helps the viewer to understand and like them. Between Karla's happy-go-lucky attitude, and bar-maid Nancy's dark sense of humor there is something quite special here. The acting is again of a high standard, and I was surprised at how well Brandy made the jump from TV comedy to full-fledged movie horror! Even supporting actors such as Matthew Settle (who played Will Benson) and Jennifer Esposito were extremely enjoyable, giving this movie a sense of realism that isn't all too apparent in many movies these days. The presence of Ben Willis is one that still sends chills down the spine, and Muse Watson's portrayal of a cold-blooded killer is unlike any other on-screen slasher in this day and age. Another welcome face (and one that spiced up the movie a little with his pompous hotel manager) is Jeffrey Combs, who is brilliant as the tight-lipped manager, and his death is a truly memorable and shocking moment (his subdued "Duh!" still cracks me up).

The only disappointing thing about I Still Know... is the final epilogue scene. While the final shock worked effectively in the first movie and gave a great final scare, here it is rather predictable. Although it is handled well, and Love's final scream is one that is chilling to the extreme, it simply leaves the movie feeling unfinished.

MY VERDICT: A worthy sequel that is given way too little credit for trying to be different. While it may not suit everybody's taste, the great performances from all the principle cast (in particular Love Hewitt, who it was great to see back!), an original setting and artistic directing set this one above most teen slashers, and is one that should not be viewed alone on a dark night.

Reviewed by Yoth 1 / 10

So bad I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a rusty radiator

I must say teen slashers used to have some appeal, but this film probably hit the lowest of the Hollywood lows. The only redeeming factor of the entire film was the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it, giving it some aesthetic appeal at least. But then the story gets under way and it's the most predictable thing EVER. The acting was horrendous, the plot pointless and the gore non-existent. In every one of these dumb slasher flicks there's a scene where the murderer is down for the count and can easily be taken advantage of, but for some reason unknown to man, the "good guys" don't seem to realise this. But "I Still Know what you did last summer" has possibly the worst one I have ever seen. What it lacks in gore it definitely makes up for in logic...oh wait no, they have NONE! Here's the situation, the murderer has fallen through a ceiling or something and he's unconscious. One of the girls has a great big fire axe in her hand. What would most sensible humans do? That's right, swing that axe lots and lots of times, making sure his head and body are separate entities, and why not his limbs as well. BUT NO! She doesn't do anything of the sort, instead she uses the axe to break into a greenhouse and then...THROWS IT AWAY. Clever girl! She may be dead but at least she got the moral high-ground.

N.B. If you're ever stuck in a slasher situation, KILL the murderer when you get chance, and use a bit of logic. Then again if that happened the film would last about 15 minutes, which would definitely have been a good thing.

Reviewed by Rusty-61 5 / 10

depressing what passes for a horror movie these days

Don't bother.Unless you are very easily entertained and have not seen any decent horror movies to compare this to. I would say the first one was OK, having seen it in the theater with a screaming audience made it more fun, but not in my list of top 20 horror movies. This sequel makes the first one look like a masterpiece. I
figured out who the killer was about 15 minutes into the movie. The only slightly amusing part was Jeffrey Combs, who starred in the classic Re-Animator and many Stuart Gordon films. He is amusing but too good for crap like this! I Hope they at least paid him good money, the poor guy. Also, why did she flip out when she was locked in the tanning bed? The killer turns the heat up all the way...first of all, it isn't possible to turn it up enough to "cook" someone, especially in about 5 seconds. Oooooo, a tanning bed. I'm shaking in my shoes! No suspense, no nothing, and the ending was OK but made no logical sense. Of course there will be a third movie that will start out with her waking up from a bad dream that is the end of this one. Yeah, and I had a bad dream that I wasted 3 bucks an 90 minutes of my life watching this crud. No wait, that was real! Aaaaaaiiie!

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