I Will Follow You Into the Dark


Action / Drama / Horror / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 1048


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Ryan Eggold as Adam Hunt
Mischa Barton as Sophia Monet
Leah Pipes as Astrid Daniels
John Rubinstein as Dr. Thomas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Polychrome9 3 / 10

Self-Indulgent Drivel

I usually try to avoid movies where the writer and director are the same person. There's a reason for this - and this film is a prime example. You NEED that second opinion - there are long, boring scenes that no competent director would have left intact. The basic story could have been done better, but there was so little development other than artsy montages. The production values were actually pretty good, but the story was weak and the plot incoherent. I think the scenes were not chronological - but it was not obvious if they were flashbacks, dreams, or what. The acting wasn't bad either, but without character development I just didn't care about these people.

Reviewed by blanche-2 5 / 10

sort of Ghost Meets The Shining

Mischa Barton was considered a rising star after her TV show "The OC" but ran into some personal issues in 2007 that derailed her. She has some good film credits, a stage background and a pretty face, but after seeing "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," I'm predicting a so-so career. Or maybe it was the director or the script.

"I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is about a young woman, Sophia, who loses both her parents within six months of one another. Her father was a minister, and right before he dies, he tells her that he's decided that there is no life after death. When she speaks at her father's church, she repeats this, tells the congregation she has come to the same conclusion, and challenges God to prove her wrong.

Bizarre little things begin to happen to her, but one day she meets a funny, charming young man, Adam (Ryan Eggold). She's afraid of losing anyone again, so she resists him, but they wind up falling in love. One day Adam disappears, apparently into this haunted building, and Sophia is determined to get him out.

My biggest problem with this movie is that it was photographed in the dark and I couldn't see anything for a large portion of it. My second problem was the story didn't make a lot of sense to me. There's a famous building that's haunted. People have disappeared from there. There are no stairs. So why would anyone live there? Why does Adam live there? Who would live there? That being said, the last 30-40 minutes are scary and made me nervous. The acting throughout was only okay. I thought the script was bad and the photography worse. As far as the romance, it wasn't developed enough so that anyone cared.

A waste.

Reviewed by Slasher_Lover23 8 / 10

Solid Movie!

Following the death of her parents 6 months apart from each other, Sophia (Mischa Barton) begins to challenge the belief in the afterlife and denouncing everything about it. It's not too long afterwards that Sophia meets Adam (Ryan Eggold) and she soon starts to fall for him. As their relationship flourishes, Sophia begins to encounter strange occurrences. While staying the night at Adam's, she wakes to find Adam missing, and a trail of blood leading to an abandoned level of his building. With Adam's roommate Astrid (Leah Pipes), her own roommate Sam (Jaz Martin), and Sam's date Penny (Melinda Y. Cohen), the four begin a search for Adam that takes them to a world of darkness they've never imagined.

This indie supernatural film is another example of why many indie film surpass major films released today. It is purely substance over style. While the film does have it's jump scare moments, they are kept to a minimum. It is very atmospheric with a creepy setting and uses the fear of the unknown to keep the story going. Mischa Barton gives an excellent performance as our lead who will stop at nothing and go to great lengths to get back the man she loves. Also highly noted is Leah Pipes as Astrid, Adam's perky roommate. Pipes provides most of the comedic elements in the film, but once things get going, she begins to be the one we relate to the most as far as the thinking processes. While I Will Follow you Into the Dark does heavily use the supernatural/afterlife genre and builds suspense, the dramatic elements are also strongly present. We watch as Sophia is tested with her beliefs, but it is also bound with her determination to get the love of her life back. All of the elements it has going for it works. While the ending felt a little rushed, it really doesn't take away much from the film and the story.

My rating: 8/10

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