Ice Age: Collision Course


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi


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Jennifer Lopez as Shira
Melissa Rauch as Francine
Nick Offerman as Gavin
Simon Pegg as Buck / Pythagorus Buck / Robo Buck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian chu 10 / 10

Great movie but no more sequels please.

Just watched the movie today.The movie is quite emotional at the ending and the jokes are pretty funny that makes me laughed out loud. However, I was shocked by the box office and the critical response of the movie.The movie had already in cinemas for a week but only grossed for 200 million dollars, and the critical response is quite negative, the movie have only scored 'B+' from the 'A+' to 'F' scale, according to Wikipedia. It is proof that the audiences have already get bored from the series as they thought that the movie makers of this series are only wanted to make more money so that they just keep on making more sequels of the movie.Until then, they have been made of total four sequels in fourteen years. I personally not a very big fan of the animation movies, but Ice Age is one of my favorite movie of all time and me childhood for unknown reason. But starting from Ice Age : Continental Drift, I felt that the series is starting to off course that it just like to make a massive money grab, which I am not very appreciate. But however, Ice Age : Collision Course gave the series a come back-to-life chance, the movie is hilarious and have some touching scenes that with a lot of ups and downs in it.This movie would sure make you have a great day at the cinema. But also, I hope that there won't be more sequels after Ice Age : Collision Course in the future. Otherwise, the critical response would be even more worse.

Reviewed by Ryan Jackson 9 / 10

You kept me happy, you kept me laughing!

Oh that was a surprise. I'm a fan of ice age movie series. Honestly i didn't like the previous ice age at all.

The old granny is so cool. And the other kids.

This movie! Oh man this is so good to be happy and laugh like a baby. Story wasn't so bigger or complex but it's OK. To bad that stupid adults giving awful reviews. It's a kid movie. So don't listen to old people. I really liked this.

Oh come on people, why giving 1 star? You grumpy old donkeys stop this nonsense. Don't try to give your rude opinion on internet.

And the soundtrack that Jessie J made. This was awesome. I'm thinking to watch this again and i will .

Reviewed by Frasman16 9 / 10

Amazing Conclusion To The Trilogy

First off, after Ice Age:Continental Drift 4 years ago, i thought they would end it there because that by far was the best one. When i discovered they were making a new one, i was unsure about it. How times have changed.

Its great to see Manny and Ellie trying to stop Peaches and her new boyfriend from leaving them, whilst Sid tries to find true love after 15 years of trying. Diego and Shira are trying to settle in after thinking how scary they are. And Scrat is just Scrat, doing all sort nonsense like destroying life on Mars, nearly ending the world and a lot more. But I was extremely pleased to hear that Buck, who has not been seen since Dawn of the Dinosaurs, was back and better than ever. Sadly Louis, played by Josh Gad, didn't return. R.I.P.

Still thanks to the new recruits such as Adam Devine as Julian and Jessie J as Sids long-lost love Brooke, I got to see a massive treat. Lots of humour and too good to be real, thank you for ending in style Ice Age producers.

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