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Reviewed by Felix Mac 2 / 10

Thats what happens if you listen to metal, kids!

Just kidding, metal is also my genre, which is an important factor in rating this movie. what this movie had: +their favorite metal tracks +half naked dudes with long hair (If you've ever seen fans of a metal concert, thats it) +outfits with tons of leather straps, studded bras and tattoos what it did not have -suspense curve -responsible use of visual filters (I believe they did this to hide they actually recorded with a smartphone, because it would've made no difference) -budget effects, they shouldn't have used to begin with -no trained actors. You'll notice, because they don't get you involved with the story at all, they don't portray a believable character, instead, the only thing they radiate is "goddamn I'm so metal right now, this movie is gonna be so cool"

tl;dr: "Woah WACKEN was awesome, I'm hella drunk right now. You know what? I think we're total badasses, let's share our favorite metal tracks and wave our swords we bought on a medieval market by making a movie we record with my iPhone"

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