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Quinn Lord as Tom Whitman - age 10
Elias Toufexis as The Snowman
Marianne Farley as Gem Whitman
Ron Lea as Dr. Jansson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kacsa-et 10 / 10

A great ride...

As a die-hard Nightwish fan, Imaginaerum was an absolute must-watch for me. I have followed the creation of the project from the very first steps on the band's fb updates, and I was in love with it from the beginning, so I might be a bit biased, but on the other hand I know almost every hardship they had to face during the process of creating a movie. Mind you, this is not your regular Hollywood movie, with 10s of millions on the budget...

The special effects were beautiful in my opinion and considering their budget, they did a spectacular job on bringing this story to life. The jumps from scene to scene might be confusing at first, but every one of them makes sense in the end - it makes one think about them after watching the movie. It also helps if you watch it multiple times. (4 times in my case. :) I flew to Finland just to watch this movie.)

The music is absolutely beautiful and awesome. Petri Alanko did a great job on mixing the original album (released last year). So we have the Score to the movie (released on the 9th of November) which is a perfect fit to the scenes of the movie. Knowing both albums already before watching the movie did help in understanding certain scenes, even made me anticipate some with great curiosity. While I know not everyone who watches it will know or like Nightwish' music as much as I do, I can still recommend listening to the album "Imaginaerum" if you leave the movie theater with too many questions.

Tuomas Holopainen's remark in 2010 about the album fits the movie as well, in my opinion: „To me the album sounds like a roller-coaster ride in a theme park designed by Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and Salvador Dali." The reference to the story of „The Snowman" works perfectly as well, and personally, I can see some homage to Stephen King's epic story „The Dark Tower" too – which Tuomas Holopainen admits to liking. I don't want to spoil that story to anyone, but the roller-coaster ride in the movie did remind me of the last parts in the last book in that series...

Imaginaerum is not an easy movie. It includes difficult aspects of life that many people have to face (getting old, forgetting your whole life, etc.), and how one can deal with these - accepting the inevitable is important, just as much it is important to forgive. Add a dark, yet amazing fantasy world to this, and you have Imaginaerum – a movie that I wholeheartedly recommend to watch.

PS: Some scenes (e.g. the circus) might be a bit disturbing to some people (children maybe).

Reviewed by Hannes Riedel 8 / 10

A beautiful dark dream

In few words Imaginaerum is a dive into a man's surreal dark dreams with superior strengths in terms of powerful images and music and some minor weaknesses in character development and acting. What may appear as another childish adventure at first quickly develops into an emotionally demanding journey dealing with very adult conflicts on a metaphorical and artistic level.

In detail Imaginaerum starts off rather associative. Really strong pictures and music (reminding me of Tim Burton movies) guide the audience from the very first second deep down the rabbit hole. The Scenery is especially impressive considering the budget of the movie. While technically being a convincing and easy show, scene jumps and plot appear rather cryptic at first. The movie succeeds at creating a rough and positively incomplete idea of the plot in your head quickly and developing that idea scene by scene throughout the whole movie without letting anything become too obvious or boring. The basic ideas appear metaphorical, yet decipherable and believable. I might add that Imaginaerum demands much (but not too much) of the viewer rationally as well as emotionally: It requires active thinking to follow the central plot and it is necessary to apply yourself to the emotions of the movie to understand the scenes. Not doing so will greatly decrease the value of the experience (and may result in questionable reviews some might have read so far).

The only downside to me is that there was unutilized potential of even deeper character development. They all started interesting but ended a little abrupt. In addition I was not totally convinced by some character acting. In some moments I got that "There is an actor playing a character"-feel which shouldn't come up. Surprisingly it didn't affect emotion and meaning of the movie too much so I can overlook that weakness easily. Having mentioned weaknesses I also want to mention that there were many great moments in terms of acting as well. For example I really enjoyed the great performance of actor Tuomas Holopainen!

Imaginaerum as a "band-movie": I don't consider myself a Nightwish fan even though I don't dislike their music. I was positively surprised that Imaginaerum, in contrast to other band movies, did not make it a 2 hours narcissistic music video. A few times the band is on screen but only adding positively to the atmosphere.

As being someone who enjoys strong images, demanding plots and artistic implementations I totally recommend this movie to my friends and to you. I advise parents to be cautious showing Imaginaerum to children, as some scenes "can be disturbing" (as other reviewers already mentioned) and the movie as a whole may be hard to understand. I personally recommend this above 12 years of age.

Reviewed by heppe-207-833462 10 / 10

The Imaginaerum story told in a Nightwish way

I went to Hartwall to see the premiere on 10/11-2012. As a longtime fan of the band it was really exciting too see if they could transform a great celebration to life such as the album Imaginaerum to a full time (almoast) movie. They did! For all nightwish fans this is a must see. For others that don't know much about Nightwish this is a weird movie indeed. A mixture of The classic Snowman (1982) and some Tim Burton mixed with Holopainens (I guess) fear for what will happened after his roller-coaster has stopped with Nightwish. The Imaginaerum album is for me an emotional journey within myself. The movie projects that journey to Whitman thankfully. (My fear was that the movie should touch me as deeply as the album. But thankfully it did not. ) Still its a great Nightwish movie and the score is also beautifully arranged. I believe the movie will have some reference audio class for the home movie enthusiast. Could be wrong, but the sound and volume was impressive in Hartwall! And if you like me also love the moodier instrumental arrangements by Nightwish you must go buy The Score. Animations (lots of them and green screen effects) was also well done if you consider the budget. A great step forward compared to the Nightwish videos you have seen with animations.

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