In a Valley of Violence


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller / Western


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Karen Gillan as Ellen
John Travolta as Marshal
Taissa Farmiga as Mary-Anne
Burn Gorman as Priest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by torgrim-ruud 2 / 10

This just falls completely flat

I like Hawke in this role. He does a good job. In fact the whole cast does a good job.

This movie however is just written on napkin. It's like a class for writing where the teacher asks what are the main elements of western and then you tie a thin red string through that.

I do not understand why big names are in this movie at all. I thought perhaps maybe there was a national competition and that fresh out of school kids won and that the actors joined up for charity's sake.

There is however some humor in this movie. They sort of managed to make traditional western dialogue a bit cheeky. I managed to get through it, but I was questioning why the whole time. 3:10 to Yuma or True Grit are great movies. This does not make the cut.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10

A "Quick and Dirty" Review

(The title of this review in honor of the 1995 Sam Raimi flick "The Quick and the Dead," yet another director who decided to take the Italian Western genre out for a spin, wind her up, and see what she can do.)

Now it is Ti West's turn at bat, a director known for "fringe" pictures but, to be fair, this type of film probably qualifies as fringe too.

Although a great many directors (including, believe it or not, the great Tarantino and even Eastwood himself) have taken on the challenge of this genre, the truth is that Sergio Leone -- the man who invented the category -- is the only director in history to have fully mastered it.

(Have seen the Man With No Name trilogy a half-dozen times so far, and I am not done yet.)

Which does not mean -- as the other reviewers have already noted -- that the attempt, even if it falls short a mite, cannot be fun.

And this movie definitely qualifies as fun.

Hawke is a great choice, at the same time skittish, taciturn, and yet also strangely dangerous.

Travolta will always be Travolta. He has been playing the same role since Kotter, and audiences never get bored.

The most fun is watching Taissa Farmiga chew up the furniture. Clearly the young lady wants to show the world that she has her sister's acting chops, so she does not merely enter a scene, she attacks it and wrestles it to the ground.

In different circumstances, this strange brew might have missed the mark. But it didn't. Clearly West's main goal was to entertain.

And that is exactly what he did.

Reviewed by dgefroh 3 / 10

Want a honest review, read this

I find it so frustrating to read review after review hailing these fringe movies and leading the movie goers astray. I've no financial interest in any of the movies I review, I tell it like it is for the typical movie goer with hope that my honest appraisal is what you are seeking.

Now to this movie.....Ti West wrote & directed this movie, so what! Who's he? My 11 year old grandson could of written as good a script as this want-a-be spaghetti western. If for any reason you are going to watch this movie because Ti West is involved just forget it, if this is an example of his movie making, maybe he should try another profession because good film making is NOT his thing.

Well what about the acting you ask? Terrible comes to mind, pathetic also fits in nicely. Whatever possessed John Travolta & Ethan Hawke to tie their wagon to this is beyond me. Both of those guys were better before, obviously they've either fallen on hard times and good roles don't come their way anymore or else they are broke and sold their acting soul for the almighty dollar. The entire cast over acts, maybe it's the writing, I think it's that deadly combination of terrible acting and even worst writing.

I love western movies, I'm always looking for good ones to watch. While the story was corny, the acting horrid, the dialog was stupid, and the out-come predictable, the movie was watchable. I did not fast forward any part of this one, I sat through it all right to the bitter end. I think the reason why I was able to endure this movie is only because I do like western movies and this one kind of fits the bill.

When you are deciding if you should watch this movie or not, I'm hopeful my review at least sets the table for you. Unless you are a die-hard western fan, I'd say take a serious pass on this want-to-be movie.

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