In the Heart of the Sea


Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase
Tom Holland as Thomas Nickerson
Ben Whishaw as Herman Melville
Cillian Murphy as Matthew Joy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leosmith-11166 8 / 10

The Art of the Sea

I went into the cinema expecting something fairly decent. Something that would at the very least, satisfy. I I was more wrong than I thought. It was better than satisfactory. It was brilliant. The Effects are the best of the year, and Chris Hemsworths Acting is top notch. Ron Howard has always been a great director, and I did enjoy a beautiful mind and Apollo 13, but this film has to be one of the greatest of the year. The film is very emotional at times, and the storyline is very well thought out. Definitely deserves an Oscar for best visual effects, and hopefully it will bag some more Oscars on the way.

The movie is best viewed on the big screen, as it possibly wouldn't have the same effect on a TV. Get into the cinemas before it's too late.

Reviewed by Matt Greene 4 / 10

Technically Proficient But Super Flat

Heart of the Sea is a mass-produced still-life painting: technically proficient but as flat as the canvas it's on. Technically, it's fine; the cinematography is interesting, the actors hit their marks, the sound is on point. But other than a few moments of nice humor and mild sea-faring thrills, the film lacks any spark. It's like director Howard and co. weren't that interested in creating an emotional, cerebral or exciting film, but more focused on simply getting the job done. The story of 19th century whaler Owen Chase (played by an oddly-accented Hemsworth), the influence for the literary classic Moby Dick, is a story worth knowing. However, the giant scale and obsession inherent in this tale is never fully conveyed, as Howard opts for computers and green screens, in lieu of the actual sea, to tell his story. So instead of a propulsive thriller or even a thoughtful psychological study, we get a generic and forgettable action/adventure, couched in boring characters. And much like the crew of the Essex itself, we are stranded in a seemingly endless sea of lackluster storytelling It also features some of the worst cinematic framing ever. Instead of just filming Moby Dick itself or just the story of real-life Owen Chase, they opt for a messy mash-up, constantly cutting away from the Essex's voyage to a recounting of the story to Melville; like bad narration taken to the nth degree. Even some marginally compelling moments showing the survival instincts of desperate people can't save this sinking ship. Watch Jaws, All is Lost, or Master and Commander if you want to take a worthwhile trip to the heart of the sea.

Reviewed by somf 8 / 10

Another Solid Ron Howard Film

If you don't count his Dan Brown films, it has been a very long time since Ron Howard has made anything less than a solid entertaining film and this is no exception. Based on a true story that inspired Herman Melville's Moby Dick ITHOTS begins with Melville meeting up with the only still surviving member of the Whale Ship Essex, played by the always excellent Brenden Gleeson. Melville pays him to finally describe the events of 30 years earlier when he was a 14 year old crew member on his maiden voyage.I won't go into how it bugged me that using the historical time line. Gleeson could not have yet turned 50, because I am one of only a few geeks who would dwell on that.

I think this is Hemsworth's best role if for no other reason he does the DeNiro Raging Bull thing to his body. The characters starve at sea and it is hard to believe that CGI is not heavily involved with his appearance at the end of the film, but from what I have read apparently not. If Howard had made this film a decade ago, Russell Crowe would have had the Hemsworth role as the first mate. But Hemsworth does as well as I could have imagined Crowe in the role, and that is a compliment to his maturing as an actor.

A lot of interesting stuff about Whaling and the film is beautifully shot. I have a feeling that fans of the book will be a bit disappointed because it seems that certain aspects of the book were probably glossed over. If you want to see it in IMAX (which was not offered at my screening and which I thought was surprising and disappointing) then you had better catch this opening week. Something tells me that another film opening the following week is apt to hog up all the IMAX screens for a few weeks. I hope that does not hurt the box office for this film too, because it is a big screen epic.

My wife would not go with me because she did not want to see the cruelty to the whales, and there are some terrifically filmed and exciting hunting scenes, but I am one of those that kind of rooted for the whales as well. Heck, at the end of the day, one might say the Whale won.

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