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Action / Comedy

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Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn
Adrien Brody as Flirty Harry
Rob Schneider as J.D. / Psychologist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raymond Zoliansanga 1 / 10

What the F

I never write reviews but this movie is so bad I just had to warn everyone else.

I vote "the WORST movie" I have seen in a long time.

If you are reading this review, please oh please, heed my words are deter from watching this movie.

It will only be a waste of your precious time as it was a waste of mine.

Please warn any and all other movie lovers that THIS movie is like eating rotten eggs, seriously.

BOO to the makers of this movie.

BOO to the cast for taking part.

Reviewed by final-fantasyxcjo 1 / 10

A new low has been reached

I work at a movie theater so I see almost all movies come and go. I've seen good ones bad ones and downright awful ones come through. I was able to get through Jack and Jill and was able to even handle Gigli and Bucky Larson, but this movie finally did it for me, its the First movie I've ever walked out of. I lost exactly 48 mins of my life and I will never get it back! I can honestly say without a doubt, this is the worst movie I've ever seen!!! Battlefield Earth looked like Citizen Kane compared to this "film" if you can even call it that.

Whats wrong with this film? Whats right with this film???? Every single attempt at a joke falls flat on its ass, the "story" there is no story. Every attempt at a parody fails, and the dialogue is probably the worst I've ever heard ever! His name is Flirty Harry Get it? Cause its Dirty Harry only he is gay! Adrian Brody should have his Oscar taken away after this movie and Rob Schneider should never be allowed to grace the Silver Screen ever again.

But there is one thing this film does right. When the credits roll Thats the upside if you can even make it that far! This movie was only in my theater for a week if that and now I understand why, this is the worst movie of 2013 and possibly the worst movie of the 21st Century. If its still in theaters anywhere Avoid at all costs and if you see it on DVD run away or buy it so you can set it on fire!!!

Reviewed by Sergeant343 1 / 10

Cinematic Garbage

This a film that shows why IMDb needs to add a zero star function, for giving this a film a rating equates that this film was in any shape or way good. The very fact that something like this can be made and given the release that it had is down right deplorable. It tries to be offensive, but utterly fails in that regard and just remains juvenile. The sketches themselves are absurd like a Jackass spoof called Blackass, which is just Jackass with black people. How about a play on words with the Amazing Racist, a sketch which is so soft that it is not so much offensive as it is cringe worthy, for it is played too safe. Lastly there is the Dirty Harry sketch called Flirty Harry(Adrien Brody) where everything out of his mouth is a double entendre and would make James Bond blush with embarrassment and I am talking about the Roger Moore Bond, how they managed to get Adrien Brody in this is beyond me. There are other sketches but these three are the ones they are proud of the most and that is not saying much. The framing of this film as different stories for different apps is entirely pointless, for the film seems to forget that what we are seeing are apps. At least in other bad films like The Room, Troll 2, and Birdemic, you at least can laugh at how poorly it is made, here there is no such luck, for you are ticking down how much longer can this 80 minute film go and makes Movie 43 look like a masterpiece of cinema. I would rather spend a month at Gitmo, than ever watch this sorry excuse for a film as long as I live.

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