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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manuelasaez 7 / 10

Much better than it had any business of being. Wholly recommended.

As a die-hard horror fan, a fan of Demonic Possession films, and a fan of great acting, I immediately wrote off this movie as being another Hollywood cash grab. Blumhouse is the worst thing to happen to horror since Rob Zombie started making movies, so seeing as this is another bullet to add to their arsenal in murdering the horror genre, I was weary about watching it. Couple that with the film not having any marketing up until a few weeks before it was released, and all of the signs pointed to a very half-a$$ed film to join the ranks of all of the other failed horror films of the last 10 years. After watching it, however, I am very glad to have been proved wrong. Incarnate ended up being original, entertaining, and the acting was really top notch, especially that of the three leads.

The problem I have with Possession films is that they rarely deviate from the formula; girl is possessed. Family calls priest. Priest needs okay from Vatican. Priest battles demon. One of more people die. The end. That has been the premise of every possession film of the last few years. Surprisingly, this movie goes completely left field, not adhering to any of the clichés that make the genre so deathly stagnant. The demon is now a "spirit parasite", the girl is replaced by a boy, there is no Catholic priest in sight, and the people who die actually deserve it this time. The movie does so many things right that it is really easy to overlook the things is gets wrong, and everything from the special effects to the script is written with an actual appreciation of what makes these movies entertaining in the first place. Sure, some parts are cheesy and straight out of the horror handbook, but when they are handled this well, does anyone really care? It's much better than the abominations we have gotten in the past, like The Last Exorcism or The Vatican Tapes.

Overall, if you like Possession films, good acting, and movies that are not made for children and teenagers, give this film a shot. You just might like what you see. I was thoroughly impressed by this, and although Blumhouse has a long way to redeeming itself, this is a great first step. A solid effort all around.

Reviewed by falynsoul 5 / 10

Serviceable, and not as bad as the critics are saying.

I'm a fan of Aaron Eckhart so that was my main draw to see Incarnate.

The good: The film doesn't insult you by explaining everything at once, it does this through the action and dialogue sequences which are OKAY. Aaron delivers a solid performance here, and so does David Mazouz, the kid that plays Bruce Wayne in the Gotham TV series. The story is moderately interesting and reminds me a bit of Inception.

The Meh/Bad: The directing is often a bit ham-fisted and clunky. The script wasn't particularly brilliant but was OKAY. Didn't care much for the cop-out ending although that's a minor complaint.

Bottom line is, don't expect a masterpiece or above average film. Its a nice film to kill an hour and a half with.

Reviewed by LadyLestat23 7 / 10

I liked It!

I'm not going to try to dazzle everybody with my huge vocabulary or my expansive expertise on films, but I do know what I like, and I liked this movie. It takes an unorthodox approach to exorcism, not by treating it with priests, crucifixes, and holy water, but by treating the demon as a parasite that attaches itself to its host. Once the demon (parasite) attaches itself to the host, it invades their mind and creates an elaborate illusion (or dream state) based on what the host desires most. In turn, that keeps the host compliant while the demon consumes the soul.

Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) is a scientist with the gift of going into the possessed person's mind and performing what he calls "evictions" instead of exorcisms. In this movie, it is not a matter of faith or lack thereof. There is no God or specific religion tied to this, it involves pure science. He invades their minds bringing the truth with him in an effort dismantle the illusion. If he successfully tears down the walls and exposes the lie before his own body gives out within 8 minutes, he releases the power the demon has over the host. In essence, he goes in and kicks the demon out, or "evicts" them if you will. The demon must evacuate immediately by either entering another host through physical contact (touch), or the demon dies.

In his last case, a familiar she-demon has inhabited the body of an 11- year-old boy and Seth and his research team are called in by the Vatican to help the child because exorcisms have already failed and he doesn't have much time left. Of course, Seth already knows this demon very well. I'll just leave it at that...

I would be lying if I said that this concept has not already been explored. I know plenty people would like to give credit to Inception, but the truth is, this idea was explored way before Inception. For me, thrillers like The Cell (2000) with Jennifer Lopez and Vincent D'onofrio, as well as Fallen (1998) with Denzel Washington, and The First Power (1990) with Lou Diamond Phillips all came to mind. There are also certain themes and elements of this movie that is reminiscent of Insidious (2010) and The Exorcist (1973). While these movies are not entirely the same, the overall premise is still very similar. However, I think what sets this apart from those films is the "eviction" concept. This is a new angle for exorcising demons that hasn't been explored, and for that, I thank Brad Peyton. I'm always looking for some kind of originality which is extremely hard to find in movies these days, so I like to give credit where it's due.

Don't get me wrong, the film is not perfect by any means, but I do appreciate what the Director was trying to do. I would recommend giving this a chance. The year is coming to a close, so it's definitely not the worst movie this year has had to offer that's for sure. Trust me, there have been worse, and I've probably seen most of them.

Either way, I've prepared myself to be down voted by the "experts."

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